Your Guide to Kayaking in Thailand

Kayaking has indeed become popular today as a recreational activity. Today, many people take to the water sport as it brings them closer to the environment as well as allows them to test their physical limits.

Thailand is indeed a paradise for the kayakers as the country, and its coastline offers tremendous opportunities for them. It is no surprise to see a sharp rise in the number of Kayaking Thailand tours and trips in recent years.

Here is a brief guide on Kayaking in Thailand.

Where to go for Kayaking

phang nga bay Thailand

Nothing could be a better way to experience and enjoy kayaking in Thailand, and all one needs to do is head for the western Andaman coast of Thailand. With hunger numbers of limestone islands characterized by dramatic sea caves, sheer cliffs, and hidden lagoons, Southern Thailand is indeed a dream come f true for any kayaker. The best part is that there are immense opportunities for first-timers as well as serious kayakers among these isolated islands of Thailand with pristine beaches.

Are you well prepared?

While Thailand boasts of the perfect weather conditions for kayaking, it is essential to keep the weather and water conditions before you go ahead. Follow the instructions of the guided carefully, and participants are expected to be an average swimmer and carry good body strength. After all, you are the captain of your own boat and ensure that you can handle a bit more challenging situations and conditions at times. Before getting into a kayak, keep your enjoyment as well as safety aspect in mind. Know your travel route well and always wear a helmet and life-vest when on a boat.

Go with a reputed kayaking company 

It is always a good idea to hire a reputed company to plan your kayaking tour and take advantage of their expertise, knowledge, and experience. The recreational director of your trip is the right guy who can educate you on when the tide is at the right level to enter the waters. Follow the regulations and advice when planning your own trip, and you must take permission from the authorities. Look for a registered company that provides you with equipment, insurance, and other services. Follow the advice of the guide and be mentally prepared for any possible obstacles.

Boats and equipment


Always ensure that you are well equipped and prepared. For some of the beginners, some of the sections can be challenging, and the currents can pose obstacles. Pick the right kind of kayaks, single or double, based on your skills and water conditions. Advanced kayakers are given slightly longer kayaks with the forward speed for multiday trips. The purpose is to get the right amount of maneuverability you need for your kayaking trip. Having the right equipment and boat will add to your confidence.

A truly unforgettable experience

When you kayak through these natural rooms, you are about to discover a world of serenity as well as incredible wildlife on the islands of Thailand. You are sure to come across several wildlife species of sea eagles, egrets, monkeys and monitor lizards. In addition, you can look at the flocks of thousands of swallows nesting in some of the island caves. Keep your camera ready as you explore the natural rock formations and glide in & out of the hongs. It can be a bit scary sometimes to go through the narrow passages, but the whole experience is indeed worth it.

Paddling down the warm blue waters framed by white sandy beaches and the steep Limestone slopes indeed work as rejuvenating therapy. The kayaking trip in Thailand is indeed going to last in your memory for a lifetime


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