6 Beaches in the Maldives to Add to Your Travel Itinerary

The Maldives is one of those destinations that’s probably present on almost everyone’s travel bucket list, and quite deservingly too. Whether you’ve finally bit the bullet and booked it, or are still daydreaming about visiting, here are just 6 of the most beautiful and exotic beaches that you could go and spend your days on. Book a Maldives package if you are looking for a vacation.

Cocoa Island Beach

Located in South Male Atoll, COMO Cocoa Island is an extremely small private resort with 33 sea bungalows and little to no island buildings, making it a beautifully isolated location to relax in. Journey along the white sandy beach and easily make your way around the entire island. Because the accommodation is on top of the ocean and accessed by a planked walkway, the beach is empty except for other residents and a few facilities.

Nika Island Beach

Nika Island is extremely unique in that every villa has its own private beach. You can wake up, walk straight onto the beach and spend the day there without the disturbance of others. This is ideal for those who are wanting a vacation that gets them away from society completely, but you can still partake in island activities and entertainment. As well as having your own private beach, there is also a public beach if you want a more open and atmospheric view.

Banyan Tree Island Beaches

Best Beaches in Maldives

If a Maldivian beach with its own coral reef is what you’re after, then Banyan Tree in the North Male Atoll is a must add to your travel itinerary. Just like the other Maldivian beaches, the white beaches and sky blue waters are a sight that will never get old. But, the coral reef and lagoon make snorkeling a must-do activity.

Bolifushi Island beaches

If you want a more expansive beach along with luxury accommodation, then the Bolifushi Island is one of the best you can go to. Treat yourself to a stay at the Island’s Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort in either land accommodation or a sea bungalow, and spend each morning looking out at the picturesque view. The coral reef is also very large and can easily be explored by snorkeling.

Olhuveli Island

This place is ideal as it is just a few kilometres from Male International Airport. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and sandbanks and even has a nearby inhabited island, so this location is ideal for exploration and adventure. You have the chance to choose between deluxe rooms, suites, water villas or beach villas. The place has been crafted with comfort and relaxation in mind, making it an idealistic getaway with your loved ones.

Reethi Beach

Maldives Beaches

Visit the beach located near a small island in Baa Atoll with powder soft sands and a clear blue lagoon. Reethi has the longest coastline in the Maldives, so you can take long walks along the waterfront. But, there is no coral and little sea life, meaning you’re unable to snorkel.

The above are just a few of the many beaches you can visit in the Maldives the colors and resorts will leave you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. If you’re tempted, go and take a further look into each and maybe book this year’s holiday. Even if you know you’re not going to be able to book one, the pictures of each beach are definitely worth looking at.


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