Fun and Effective English Lessons for Beginners

A Germanic language with Latinate and Romance influences, English—whether of the American, British, or Australian variety—has an eclectic and often inconsistent set of rules and a mishmash of vocabulary sourced from a variety of other languages.


English is a notoriously tricky language to pick up later in life, especially if the learner’s native language is from a different linguistic family. It can even pose issues for young native speakers!

That said, English is a “global” language, one that is spoken by over a billion people. Sometimes called “the language of commerce,” English fluency can help speakers land jobs locally and internationally. But whether you’re learning English for school, for work, or just for the fun of it, native English speaking tutors can help you master the language quickly and effectively. Native English teachers bring cultural fluency to their lessons, adding context and nuance where non-native speakers may be hard-pressed to do so.

Why Is English Mastery Important?

English fluency opens up many doors in the job market, especially in the realms of science, tourism, and diplomacy. Often, English is used as a “bridge” to close the linguistic gap between two speakers who don’t speak each other’s native language. Instead, they know enough English to make conversation.

According to Statista, only 370 million of the 1.5 billion English speakers are native speakers. The rest know it as a foreign language!

For those looking to explore opportunities such as higher education or employment abroad, a solid grasp of the English language can vastly increase the opportunities available. With Eurekly.com’s private, online tutors, English mastery has never been so close at hand.

How Can I Kick-start My English Education?

For learners who are coming to the table with a basic grasp of English writing and speaking, children’s literature can be a great addition to any language-learning regimen. There are tons of creative and engaging stories aimed at younger readers that can also be satisfying to adult learners. Fantasy books like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness are linguistically accessible while remaining substantial enough to keep the attention of older readers. Books by Roald Dahl, such as The BFG, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are all instant classics that appeal to young and old.

It’s also helpful to watch movies in English. Watching movies in English with or without subtitles can help incentivize learners

Are Native-speaking Teachers Better For Beginning Learners?

Truth be told, there are plenty of capable English teachers who are not native English speakers, who nonetheless boast a phenomenal grasp of grammar, vocabulary, and effective modes of teaching. However, native English-speaking tutors who grew up immersed in an English-dominant culture have a deeper running and more immersive relationship with the language than those that picked it up later in life.

Plus, native speaking teachers from the United States, Britain, or Australia can clue students in to unique turns of speech, slang, and other linguistic quirks that might be overlooked by non-native speakers. These qualities are all important to beginning learners, who can absorb and assimilate these nuances as formative pillars of their language learning experience.

Why Choose Online Tutoring?

The COVID-19 pandemic expedited the optimization of online learning, which became the default for many students around the world as they waited out quarantine. These days, there are many ways to enhance learning through the screen, especially with a skilled professional tutor at your side.

Private online tutoring melds all the best aspects of remote learning and traditional teaching. Students receive face-to-face feedback while benefiting from the affordability and convenience of online learning.

In-person private tutoring can be expensive and difficult to procure, especially if there’s a commute involved. Meanwhile, classroom environments can be noisy, distracting, and students may have to compete with each other for the teacher’s limited time and resources. The pace may be a poor fit. Not to mention, in-person classes require that a person’s schedule conform to the class’s availability, not the other way around.

With websites like Eurekly hosting vetted, professional online tutors offering prices as low as $10 per session, online learning can help you get and stay on the road to linguistic mastery.

Find the Best Online Tutors with Eurekly!

Eurekly is a website hosting hundreds of tutors from all across the world! Each tutor is vetted for skill and professionalism, and Eurekly’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to search by location, background, availability, price, and proficiency.

It’s easy to find the exact English tutor you’re looking for, whether that’s a native speaker of American English, British English, or Australian English. Many tutors also know more than one language; you can find tutors with experience in English as well as your own native tongue.

Many of Eurekly’s tutors offer free trial lessons, meaning you can find out if you and your teacher are a match, at no cost to you! Plus, there’s zero commitment; lessons begin and end whenever you want. Don’t put off your language learning goals for even one more day; contact Eurekly and take the first step on your journey towards language mastery.


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