How To Write a Good Travel Essay

Few things can be more enjoyable than telling a fascinating story about your holidays. You can post it on your social media, create a travel blog, or write an essay for school. Sharing memories of the pleasant trip is for sure much more interesting and exciting than writing an academic essay on some obscure topic. Besides obvious fun, however, this kind of writing could bring the same challenges as any other topic and even a few more. 


Traditional struggles with essay writing include crafting a clear outline, selecting your key ideas and related arguments, and drafting a concise text. Travel essays may additionally raise the issue of wanting to tell too much. It is also easy to overwhelm your readers with lots of new facts and information about another country or activity. So, let’s discuss some tips and tricks on how to write your travel essay smoothly and with the best result.

Start With a Map

planning a trip

Your wonderful journey was born after looking through the bucket lists of the most remarkable destinations and choosing several highlights of your trip. Most probably, you’ve planned an itinerary connecting your dream destinations trying for it to be the shortest or the most picturesque. Same is valid for planning your travel essay – always start with an outline.

Clear draft of the points you’d like to describe and details to better illustrate your story could keep you in check while writing your essay. It’ll be easier to follow one narrative line without wandering off. The best about the outlines is that anyone can write an essay with an elaborated outline. And if you struggle with finding time or inspiration to complete your essay, you can always apply for help to professionals. As the best essay writing service reviews show, experienced writers deliver great essays based on the clients’ outlines.

Focus on Your Goal

Even travel essays can differ in type and end goals. You can describe your journey from start to finish concentrating on the attractions seen. Or you can talk about funny incident that happened to you. One can always dare to beat Jack Kerouac and write a road story. It is even possible to go travel-blog style and write about lifehacks for those planning a journey.

Whatever you choose as your aim for an essay would decide the text structure, language, and whole approach to writing. It is advisable to keep this in mind and avoid mixing several goals in one paper. The essay format requires being brief and sticking to one line of narrative. It wouldn’t work to start philosophical dwellings on the symbolism of the road and continue with lifehacks about packing light for a journey.

Paint a Picture

Unless you’re writing an essay for your personal travel blog, it’d be difficult to attach photos to illustrate your text. So, you should use your words instead. Try to add adjectives and phrases that bring your memories to life. If a good description makes you feel the taste and smell of your holidays, it’s probable your readers would feel that too. 

Remember, though, to stay tasteful and brief. Too many personal details may spoil the effect your essay was supposed to make. And documenting every step of your journey may turn your account into a boring story. Keeping a balance here is a challenge, but if succeeded you’ll have a captivating essay for any kind of audience.

Tie Your Story to Bigger Issues

Of course, your vacations deserve detailed storytelling. But without clearly demonstrated relations between the lessons you’ve learned on your trip and more universal challenges and experiences, it might be quite boring for other people to read your essay. In the end, we all worry most about our own lives. So, to grasp the attention of your readers try to plan your captivating story around some relatable issue. For example, feeling of sadness away from home despite wonderful landscapes around you. Or practical challenges of finding a common language with locals in another country. 

With such an approach in mind, you can add advice or travel recommendations to your essay based on your own experience and reflections. This would make your paper more useful, important to finish, and relatable.

Recounting your exciting travels is a pleasant task. Even with efforts to put into writing an essay, the subject itself warms sparks the inspiration. There is an obvious need to follow the traditional essay-writing rules. Start with a clear outline in mind, limit your account to several highlights of your journey, connect your experience to some relatable issue your reader would feel close to. Consider choosing some stronger emotional adjectives or phrases to convey your personal feelings about the journey. Think about your paper as of your travel journal and as a brief educational piece for someone who’s never traveled. This way your essay would be both colorful and concise for any reader to love.


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