Top Six Summer Trip Ideas To Sarasota For Young Travelers

The chirping of birds in Selby gardens, the phantasmagoric sight of the sea with quartz sand beaches in Siesta Key…this is Sarasota in its full revelation; a majesty of a place that worships the fullness of nature.

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Just like many sightseeing places in the United States, Sarasota, Florida, embodies the characteristic features of sightseeing and even more. It is a place that houses an unparalleled, visceral feeling.

Sarasota ranks highly as one of the best places to visit to enjoy a summer vacation. It is buoyantly flanked by appealing tourist attractions, seen in the lushness of its lawns and the beautiful preservations of nature.

However, to enjoy your visiting and exploration experience to the maximum, you will need a viable means of transport. Undoubtedly, VAN rental Sarasota FL provide one of the best ways to enjoy a trip to this place. Do you plan on a trip to Sarasota Florida? Here are the best 6 summer trip ideas to Sarasota, especially for young travelers!

Best 6 Ways to Enjoy a Summer Trip in Sarasota

  1. Take a Summer Van Rental

First, what is important in deciding to take a summer trip is deciding on the nature of transport. Depending on what fits your taste, you could choose to go on a road trip across Florida with a personal vehicle or hire a Van rental service from the varieties that suit your preferences. Nonetheless, for this kind of trip, what is befitting is a Van rental service.

This is because taking a summer trip can be quite demanding and can therefore strain your vehicle, resulting in some needless expenses derived from over-exertion of engines. Also, passenger van rentals are usually ideal for road trips, especially if you are doing so in the company of friends and relatives.

They usually come in big sizes that contain up to five people at once without sandwiching oneself. They have large cabins to store paraphernalia needed for camping if you enjoy camping or hiking in Sarasota.

Taking a Van rental comes with no hassles. The vehicles are pre-laid in their best conditions such that once you type travel van rental Sarasota, you will be greeted with a variety of options that offer van rental services to Sarasota

  1. Enjoy The Ringling Museum

Now that you have decided and completed which way of transport you want to use, what’s next is to enjoy the allure of this beautiful location. And there is no better place to start than the Ringling Museum.

With no exaggeration, your visit to this place might be deemed incomplete without coming here. This edifice takes one back into the past in an eerily manner, as it preserves John and Mable Ringling’s legacy.

Here, the setting might come a tad intimidating with its vast collection of galleries, but it is undoubtedly an experience worth relishing. The museum contains preeminent art and cultural exhibitions that pervades the United States artistic sphere. 

If you go with kids, the Ringling offers the best exciting way to give them an enjoyable experience. Starting with the Asolo theater to the Bayfront gardens, the museum enjoys state-of-the-art facilities that kids enjoy toying with. Apart from the sightseeing, you also get to enjoy music and dance in a place that fosters a sense of community.

  1. Chill At the Marie Selby Gardens

After enjoying the jaw-dropping artistry in the Ringling Museum, you will need to take a step further in your quest into the nitty-gritty of nature. The Marie Selby gardens, located on south palm avenue near Sarasota Bay, is a sprawling botanical garden with a relaxing aura that gives into the fervor of nature.

Exploring the Marie Selby botanical gardens rank one of the best ways to enjoy yourself when visiting Sarasota. The garden is a compendium of epiphytes like bromeliads and orchids in an ecosystem that features a vast constellation of awe-inspiring trees and leaves.

Popular beliefs claim that the garden has the most diverse collection of bromeliads globally. It enjoys more than 20,000 plants, representing 6,000 species.

  1. Enjoy the Beaches at Siesta Key

What’s a summer trip without hitting the beaches and flexing on an enjoyment galore. Siesta is a spectacular beach in Sarasota, excelling for its quartz sand that makes one’s walk brim with majesty while stepping on it.

The beach at Siesta Key enjoys shallow areas that extend far from the shore, making it ideal for family or group gatherings; if you are a sportsperson, you could relax by playing volleyball or tennis. There’s no dull moment here.

There are picnic tables and playgrounds available for kids. Further south, there is the turtle beach. Thanks to its black and white sand, the turtle beach is a refreshing place to visit. You’ll need to bring a kayak to explore the Jim Neville Marine Preserve.

  • Visit the Aquarium

If you have a knack for marine biology or animal welfare, then the Mote Marine Laboratory is a must-see place. The mote marine laboratory is renowned for having world-class scientists and professionals profoundly grounded in the research of aquatic animals.

Here, they place focus not only on rejuvenating injured animals back to life but also on researching to understand how to cure human illnesses or help advance human medicine through continued observation from animal care.

You will enjoy the sight of how aquatic giants like Sharks, Dolphins, sea turtles, Coral reefs, etc., are treated. You can feel the texture of exhibits, touching rays. Through the lens of the aquarium, you will see sharks swimming, elegant sea horses, and multiple-colored fish also swimming,

  • Kayak in the Mangrove Tunnels

The allure of nature is practically limitless and inexhaustible in Sarasota. Once you think you’ve seen it all, you hit another natural phenomenon that leaves you speechless. Here are the Mangrove tunnels that equally command a breathtaking sigh. Mangroves are a few strands of trees that grow in swampy areas.

In Sarasota, the swampy places arrange to form green tunnels. These green tunnels give way to the serene scenery and the placid waterways that see birds and the wildlife ecosystem chirping and staring while you can look with absolute awe in return. However, though, you will need a kayak to navigate these tunnels.


As noted earlier, the fun at Sarasota is practically boundless and exhaustless. You can treat yourself to the best summertime experience at Sarasota, exploring the beaches, museum, aquarium, mangrove tunnels, and even participating in local festivals. If you choose to enjoy Sarasota, you will want to plan a car trip to Florida.

It is tempting to think that you could go with your vehicle but don’t forget how things could go awry when going for such a vacation. You might also want to move in the company of friends and store luggage.

As such, van rentals are the ideal you should use. Travel van rentals are big enough to accommodate your friends and even loads. Besides, van rentals have powerful engines that can spur your summertime trip from any location.


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