10 Survival Items Every Adventurer Must Have In Their Pack

One of the reasons we enjoy hiking and adventuring so much is because we come face to face with the great outdoors and there’s an inherent risk in being completely immersed in nature. Being out amongst wildlife and complex terrains can be a little bit dangerous if we are not fully prepared. But, fear not, there are many tools now available to help ensure you can adventure safely and more easily.

Because there are so many tools available, it can be a little overwhelming deciding which ones to purchase. Plus, when you’re hiking, there’s only so much gear you can take with you, right? That’s why we’ve pulled together this handy guide to the essentials for hiking survival. You don’t need to purchase everything to enhance your safety. You can protect yourself and your fellow adventurers by focusing on these ten items. So, without further ado, here’s our survival gear checklist!

1.    Paracord Bracelet

First on our survival gear list is this hugely popular survival bracelet, and it is popular for good reason. Many explorers and mountain guides routinely carry these bracelets when out and about in nature. They are made out of highly resilient paracord and can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can be used as rope to help secure emergency shelters, or used as a fishing line to catch your next meal. They can be used to set up a snare, or to create grip for snow shoes. The paracord bracelet really is an indispensable item for your survival gear kit.

2.    Personal Water Filter

We are fortunate enough to live in a time when we can produce water that is healthy to drink almost anywhere in the world, including nature where there are no water processing plants or bottled water stalls. You can now buy a personal travel water filter that can remove most bacteria, including salmonella and E.coli, as well as dirt and parasites. These personal water filters can be incredibly lightweight and last for a long time, making the perfect addition to your survival essentials.

3.    Tactical knife

One of the most important survival items you can purchase is a tactical camping knife or hiking knife. Choose one that folds compact, so it’s easier to fit into your pack. Make sure the blade is of a robust, durable metal such as D2 Steel foldable pocket knife, and lighten the overall weight of the knife by selecting one with a titanium handle for example. You can also get a knife that is part of a multi-tool that can be used to fix broken gear and comes in handy in a variety of emergency situations.

4.    Survival Shelter Tube Tent

If you happen to be hiking in an exposed area and the weather suddenly changes. Perhaps temperatures drop to below freezing, or you find yourself in a snow storm unexpectedly. You may not have time to set up a full camp but you may need to rest and stay warm. In cases like these, a survival shelter tube tent is a great piece of kit to have. It is insulated, to keep you nice and warm until you’ve regained energy or the worst of the weather has passed.

5.    Fire Starter Kit

When it’s getting dark quickly and the temperatures are dropping, the last thing you want to be doing is searching for two sticks to rub together to start a fire. A small, compact fire starter kit will make fire starting super easy, saving you time, getting you warmer more quickly. It can also be used to attract attention in a hurry if you need to.

6.    Signal Booster

One of the main issues (and one of the reasons we love to get out into nature) is the lack of connection with the ‘real’ world. However, sometimes, we really need to be able to contact home or have enough signal to receive GPS data to help us navigate the great outdoors. In these cases, a signal booster can be hugely helpful and are not so big that they are cumbersome to carry around.

7.    Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

These compact survival sleeping bags really do pack a punch in an emergency. They offer protection against the weather and insulation to keep you warm. Often made with special heat reflecting material, they work in the same way as an emergency blanket. Having one of these in your kit could be your first line of defense against contracting hypothermia when exploring the outdoors.

8.    Portable Phone Charger

We all know that phone battery life is not always the best, which is why a portable phone charger can be potentially life-saving. Choose one that is solar powered, so that you don’t have to carry a selection of fully charged ones; you can carry one and use the sun to keep it powered up.

9.    Tactical Pen

A tactical EDC pen can be a good addition to your emergency survival kit, especially if it is made out of a super-robust metal such as stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum. Then, it can double up as a survival tool for breaking glass and other surfaces.

10.          Pocket Chainsaw

Finally, a great item to have in your kit is a pocket chainsaw for when you need to cut away branches or thick foliage to walk along a route or set up camp. These can save a lot of time and energy.

And there you have it! Our guide to the top ten survival items that every adventurer should have in their pack.


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