How to Travel Cheaply After University?

Every student dreams of traveling, but finances often play a major role in the overall planning. After university, taking a little break and fulfilling the travel dreams is possible and that too on a budget.

Many who have completed their college education know what today’s students go through. They apply for student loans and rush through essays to meet deadlines. They gladly accept free food when offered, so they don’t have to eat instant noodles every day.

But college life also comes with exciting and beautiful experiences. After graduating, consider rewarding yourself with a trip. When on a budget, learn how to hunt for the best deals. This is a wonderful reward after facing all the rigors of college life.

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Start saving early

Upon entering college, a student may have a bank account for school expenses. Usually, they have checking accounts. Transferring your money from a savings account to a checking account might need some work. But it’s better in the long run to avoid hassles. As any teacher would tell you, one advantage of this is it makes it easier for you to save money.

If you want to travel after graduation, saving up is highly recommended. With some savings, you can utilize essay services if you plan to study further and want uninterrupted traveling. An academic paper service can help students in writing and editing tasks. There are many custom paper writing services but Ca.Edubirdie stands out in every regard. You have to choose a writer you like and share your paper requirement. The work is delivered on time while letting you carry on with your travel plans smoothly.

Find a cheap destination

Traveling on a limited budget after university shouldn’t discourage you. Visit new destinations but make sure they’re affordable. Just as you would research for a lesson, finding a cheap destination involves research too.

Tourism has become a very competitive market. As such, you can now find many offers for cheap packages. There are many destinations with prices that suit any budget. Many of these places have rich histories, cultures, beaches, and more. Before deciding, think about what you want from the trip. The next step is to research and compare. Accommodations and flights can be so cheap. Just make sure to also consider the costs of eating and commuting before making a final decision.

It’s all about timing

Another great way to save is to plan the timing of your trip. Make sure it’s off-season. This means traveling during less popular months. For instance, it’s cheaper to plan a trip in January than in July. Usually, it’s cheaper to travel when classes haven’t finished yet. Plane tickets are more costly during the holidays. Save a lot of money by avoiding the peak seasons. Hotels are also relatively cheaper off-season.

Doing research will show you the prices of hotel accommodations. They are more expensive as the winter or summer holidays draw near. Price hikes are very costly, especially when visiting popular destinations.

Look into possible promotions

When traveling, flights are usually the biggest expense. This is a common reason why many students avoid traveling while studying. The good news is that students and new graduates can have many travel privileges you can take advantage of. By learning how to “travel hack,” you can get flights for free. For one, you can check the rewards that credit cards offer for those who sign-up. These rewards come in the form of bonus points to purchase flights.

You may have already encountered this type of system while spending. Some examples include supermarket points, cash backs, airline miles, and more. Learn how to earn points as easily and quickly as possible. Then use those points for your trip.

The top benefit of this method is that it won’t increase your travel costs. Use a credit card to purchase tickets. Just make sure to pay your bills every month to avoid any issues. You can also learn more about travel hacks like this. You might even find a way to travel first-class.


Many college graduates don’t even think of traveling after studying. They simply don’t have the money for it. But there are many several ways to travel after you finish school. Even with a small savings account, you can make this dream a reality. To travel after graduation, find ways to do it on a tight budget. This might seem easier than it sounds. But it’s one of the best and most adventurous ways to travel.


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