Virtual tours for an adventurous and remote learning

Even if circumstances confines us to front porches, backyards, and our homes for now, together with our students, we can travel to several locations in the world all over virtually. Several, if not all, museums and zoos provide free virtual tours to anyone wanting to slip out of their rooms for a moment and imagine themselves discovering exciting destinations, viewing a valuable piece of art, and meeting captivating creatures. Schools throughout the country are racing against time to find out what to do with students moving forward.

Class trips and virtual tours are an excellent way to combine things and take advantage of distance learning materials. Are you looking for fun and virtual trips? Then check the following free virtual trips for distant learning by writerformypaper.com . 

Museum virtual trips

Google has a compilation of global museums indexed by their links for virtual trips. For example, you can take a virtual tour of the Acropolis museum located in Greece, Anne Frank’s in Amsterdam, and London national gallery. 

Yellowstone virtual trip

This facility provides online viewers and visitors with an exciting and unique experience. You can visit any of their tourist attractions sites such as 3D Yellowstone, Mud volcano, Upper Geyser Basin, and Mammoth hot spring. 

Yosemite virtual trip

Discover Yosemite National Park within the confines of your home. You can view their attraction sites at Hetch Hetchy, Swinging Bridge, Ahwahnee Hotel, Nevada Fall, Tuolumne Meadows, and Diving Board. 

ZooAmerica Facebook Live

Every day at around 11:00 am, ZooAmerica goes live on Facebook. Visitors can visit animals and ask questions. 

San Diego wildlife live cameras

 San Diego wildlife live cameras are necessary to see for those who adore animals. Visitors can view condors, tigers, burrowing owls, elephants, butterflies, giraffes, koalas, apes, bears, pandas, penguins, and baboons.

Cape May wildlife Facebook live trip

 You can visit this animal sanctuary live on Facebook every day around 11:30 am to 12:00 pm to discover exhibitions and ask questions. 

Adventure aquarium activities and videos 

 Camden aquarium sites not only have online activities and games but also videos for varied exhibitions. 

Georgia aquarium webcams

It has incredible animals students will enjoy watching. With the help of webcams, you can watch animals sleep, eat, and play.

Monterey bay aquarium cams

This site has exciting webcams to watch anytime. Students have an opportunity to discover underwater tours and marine exhibits.  

The China high wall virtual tour

At the moment, international travel is not possible. However, if you wish to tour Chinas’ high wall, you can do it at your house. You can direct your camera in any direction and take a trip to the ancient wall.

NASA Mars Recording

 Have students take a tour of Mars today. Students can access NASA’s records to view the surface of Mars. It is a recorded virtual trip and an enjoyable virtual resource for remote learning. 

Discover the earth’s surface

 Google, Google Earth application allows you to discover any part of this world. Students can find their homes, visit other countries, and do more. 

Our job might have altered over the last few months. However, several businesses are creating virtual resources for students and teachers. These companies are going out of their ways to ensure that people have the best relaxation out of the affected lifestyles. So enjoy the above list.



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