6 Countries To Travel To When You Have A Tight Budget

Traveling is the best relaxing activity that you can do. It opens up your mind to many new things and makes you experience the world from the eyes of other different cultures. It is often perceived as an expensive retreat from hardworking and stressful work life. But that is not the case.

If you do your research thoroughly and plan accordingly, you will find countries that are easy on your pocket and provide you an equal amount of fun and exciting experience.

We have made things easier for you by finding out 6 of the cheapest countries you can travel to around the globe. So let’s get started!


Halong Bay
Traveling in style for cheaper is not impossible, and the first thing you need to do is to choose a cheap country to travel to.

Among the regions known for budget traveling, Vietnam comes top of the list. This Southeast Asian country has a lot to offer for backpacker tourists and is famous for temples and religious sites.

A mere sum of $25 will be enough for you to spend a day and night in this beautiful country. When you are in Vietnam and on a budget, go for local foods to eat, and you will be spending less than you had estimated.

With a little bit of searching, you can find hotel rooms for as low as $10. Transports too are cheaper, and if you go to the less crowded areas of Vietnam like the northern province of Ha Giang, you are sure to save money more.


Waterfalls in Laos
Laos is another Southeastern Asian country that is a picture-perfect image of Vietnam but with less tourism because of its neighboring countries Thailand and Vietnam.

If you are on budget travel, this is a must-visit country. A solo trip can cost you $25-$35 a day. This country is mostly covered in the mountains and is best known for trekking, climbing, zip-lining and hot ballooning activities, which can be availed at a low budget price.

Tuk-tuk rides, street food, and tourist site entrance tickets, like waterfalls, all come under a bare minimum of $5.

Pro-Tip: Find accommodation at a hostel and save even more. Hostels can cost as low as $5-$10 per night.


Nepal is known for its highest peak globally, Mount Everest, and is another Asian country that offers low expenses to foreigners.

Accommodations in the country can be tricky because big corporate companies have taken the local guesthouses. So do some research on-site and find the actual local guesthouses to be on a budget. You can also opt for a hostel with shared accommodations for as low as $3 for a bed.

Indulge yourself in the local delicacies like Lentils with rice for $1, noodle soup or dumplings with the famous spicy hot drink only for 20 cents.

For a complete day package that includes stay, traveling, food, and tourist sites, visit a backpacker will need $20-$30 only. Explore the official website of Nepal Tourism to know what to do and how to do it in the beautiful country.


Sibiu Romania
After Asian countries, if you have Europe in your mind, don’t forget to add Romania to your travel checklist.

The country is full of national parks, making it an ideal location for those who love doing safaris and scenic drives. Romania has both city and traditional village vibe within its borders. Transylvania negates all your bad impressions about the beautiful country and welcomes all those who love ancient churches and mountain ranges.

A room for the night can cost around $10-$15. Three times a day, you can eat hearty meals for just around $12 and for a perfect punch of caffeine, you only have to pay $1-$2 for coffee.

Once you have set your mind to explore different parts of the world, make sure you set your priorities right. Keep a cork globe for pinning locations while you visit countries one by one. It will motivate you to travel more and more.

El Salvador

El Salvador has a wide range of attractions waiting to be explored by tourists on a tight budget. The country has volcanoes, beaches, mountains, lakes, and everything else, which you do not expect from such a small country.

Buses are the most convenient and popular means to travel. The fare starts from an insignificant 25 cent cost and goes as high as $5, which is also bearable for foreign tourists.

Hotels can be expensive. If you are on a honeymoon with your partner, prefer to opt for hotel rooms. But if you are on a solo adventure or are with some friends, you can always stay at local accommodations, which only costs $1o a day.

Overall, $25-$35 is the average spending you’ll be doing per day.


Latvia is one of the three Baltic States that are often on the list of travelers keen to explore new and exciting places. The country offers a lot of architectural and cultural astonishments that tourists love the most.

It is full of vegetation, lakes, and rivers, making this a perfect tourist spot for those who love canoeing. Latvian markets are amazing to quench your thirst for finding local and traditional items at reasonable prices.

The meals are comparatively costly with the countries mentioned above. But you can always find some low-cost meals for around $10. Trams are an exciting way of transport that gives an excellent sight viewing of the beautiful country. These cost around $5.

Bottom Line

Traveling is a luxury, but it does not have to be luxurious if you are on a tight budget. Make memories, experience new places; these are more important than spending hefty money on unnecessary things. There are many countries which you can visit and enjoy if you are looking for a budget-friendly trip. Note-worthy countries are Romania, Nepal, El Salvador, Latvia, Laos and Vietnam.

Start your first international trip from one of these countries, and you will not regret your choice.


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