A Journey to Remember: 7 Smart Ways to Save Money During Your Travel

Whether you’re traveling for a few months or just for a weekend trip, it’s important that you try to save as much as you can, especially in this economy. Of course, it’s tempting to try everything within reach: all of the local cuisine, finding the nicest place to stay and going to all the events in the area.
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But spending all of your money during your vacation could end up leaving you more broke than you realize. Here are seven ways you could save money during your vacation.

Eating Out Less

Although it can be tempting to eat out at restaurants all the time, you could save a lot of money by buying your own food instead. Go to the local grocery stores and make your own meals that you can eat whenever you’re hungry instead of going out for every single meal.

By learning to cook some easy meals, you can save more money. Consider mywealthandinvestment to help you learn even more ways to save money on your vacation.

Traveling in the Off-Season

During the peak seasons of the year, everything tends to be more expensive. These peak seasons are usually the holidays and summer. Avoiding these times of the year will actually give you cheaper prices on hotels because they’re less likely to be full.

Taking Photos Instead of Buying Trinkets

It can be easy to give in to the temptation of buying souvenirs, but they’re usually cheap junk that you’ll lose interest in a few months. Instead, take photos of everything. It’s free if you already have a smartphone, and you can share your photos with anyone. You might feel a little guilty not having any gifts to bring back to friends and family, but they’re not likely to use them anyway.

Consider Hostels Instead of Hotels

Of course, that’s dependent on where you’re traveling. Some hostels can end up being pretty expensive. Otherwise, they are a great opportunity for you to make connections with new people, share cultural experiences, and be able to go on group outings together so that you’re not always traveling alone.

Minimize Buying Drinks at the Bar

Alcoholic beverages can look really pretty, but you don’t really need them. Consider buying your own alcohol at a local store and saving it in your fridge so that you can treat yourself on your own dime. You could even try your hand on trying to make those pretty drinks from scratch.

Travel to Areas That Make The Most For Your Dollar

Online travel sites make it easy for you to shop around and see what you can get at certain prices. You’ll be able to budget public transportation, where to stay, what the food prices are like in the area and the costs of specific events. This makes it easy for you to budget how you’re going to spend your vacation.

Although vacations should be a treat for you and/or your family/friends, it doesn’t mean that you should blow all of your savings for a few weeks of paradise. Invest more wisely so that you can enjoy more vacations in the future.


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