Five Nifty Tips for Caravanning Across the UK

Caravanning offers your family the unique chance of ‘carrying your home with you, wherever you go’. This way you can explore the glorious England landscapes at your own pace, and in a leisurely fashion. However, do keep certain considerations in mind while endeavoring to have a memorable holiday.

Plan Well

First, get a map and mark the various routes that offer comfortable traveling. The roads must not be too narrow, or prevent turning around. Even your car must be strong enough to tow your caravan, as well as support towbars.

You would not like floods, storms, high winds, or extreme heat/cold, to spoil your holiday or your mood. Last thing you would want to experience, isn’t? Choose the right time to travel, and pack all essentials including the right clothes.

If you have children with you, you might want to keep them entertained all the time, especially during the journey. Therefore, do not forget to pack board games, toys, gadgets and so on.

Be Informed

If you are a novice at caravanning, it would be best to remain close to home. Do not choose a park/caravan site that is too far away, for anything can happen. Check out reviews online or talk to experienced caravanners. You may even contact agencies that arrange caravanning tours. Do ensure that you set off early, such that you reach the camping site well before dark.

Above all, adhere to the rules and regulations outlined by the concerned caravan site. There will be on-site authorities to help you, or clarify your doubts.

Consider Licenses and Insurance

Your ordinary driving license may not cover all types of vehicles as each vehicle has different weight and other specifications, and therefore, demands a different license. Take a keen look at the legal details involved in acquiring a caravan and traveling in it.

You may borrow, purchase or rent a caravan. However, you must take good care of it, and prevent damage. Therefore, it is always good to get your caravan insured, albeit from a genuine company for all your touring caravan insurance needs.

Set Up Your Caravan Properly

Ensure that your pitching site is close to social venues, toilets, shops, etc. Note if there is a water outlet, a space for placing an awning, etc.

Request help if you are unable to reverse your caravan into the pitch, or the caravan is unable to stay level. Once done, you must move your tow car.

Other things that you must do, include –

  • Plugging in the electric cable, ensuring that it is not live.
  • Using your own water supply, or getting water from a communal source.
  • Ensuring that the water pump, gas, and water heater are operating well.
  • Ensuring that the wastewater collector is attached to the shower/sink.
  • Following the instructions to apply/turn on the toilet chemicals.

Practice Caravan Etiquette

Make friends with your neighbors, for you are now part of the ‘caravan community’. Knowing and practicing caravan culture is important. It advocates being there for one another. Finally, If you do not understand what the other person is saying, request a clarification.



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