Best Things to Do in Puglia

Puglia is a rather big region in Southern Italy. Often referred to as the Heel of the Boot. It is a top destination for seaside tourism. With long stretches of sandy beaches that one can walk for kilometres there is no shorts here of space to park a blanket and enjoy the sun. The Adriatic and Ionian seas meet here at a place of rich historical and cultural heritage.


Your own private villa

One of the best things to do by far when visiting is to stay in your own private villa. The beautiful villas in Puglia are some of the best in the world, with privacy, luxury and quality. It’s an experience all its own. Beautiful views, a stunning private pool, all the amenities and a luxurious bed will make you feel like royalty.

Deep beneath the surface

An intriguing network of underground caves that descend seventy metres deep and twist and turn for nearly three kilometres. A guide can lead you through the history and intrigue of Castellana Caves that is locked in a fantasy land. A day tour is great, but the thrill ramps up at night!

Visit a real castle

A fortress built on top of a hill from the fourteenth century and part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1996, Castel Del Monte is a perfect example of medieval architecture. The recurring theme of the building is centred around the number eight. Eight towers, eight sides to the octagonal base, eight buildings and so on. The buildings are also planned to align with the solstices and equinoxes.

Enchanting city on a hill

Whitewashed buildings scattered along narrow alleyways and leading up to the hilltop. A highly photogenic skyline, Ostuni is featured in many-a-Instagram post. A walk in the centre of the city will reveal small craft shops and stalls selling local food and products.

Open air caves

Two open air caves (no ceilings) are deeply carved into the rock. The largest natural pool in the region is called poetry cave and makes for an ideal spot to take a cool dip. If you fancy more than a dip you can dive down to five meters in the salty water or explore the caves with a small boat. The caves connect to the sea, which brings in water with the tides via an underground canal.

Street food tour

When travelling, the food is always the best part and the best way to get to know a different culture. Take a tour and taste all that Puglia has to offer! Taste the products that were made by the locals and visit the city centre as well. Burrata, cold cuts, focaccia, and gelatti are just some of the authentic foods to try in Bari.

Make real handmade orecchiette

Real handmade pasta is a recipe that can be passed down through generations but you can make it yourself with some training from a local nona (grandmother). Usually held at a local farm house it’s a great opportunity to get a relaxing weekend in the country doing open air activities like horse riding.


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