Tips on How to Eat Like a Local When Traveling Abroad

One of the best ways to experience a culture when traveling is through food.  Whenever I travel I try to eat as local as possible. Here are some ways to eat like a local and acquire a sophisticated palate when traveling abroad:

1) Eat street food. Not only is street food a great way to sample different dishes but it is also super cheap.  A good way to choose where to eat is to pick a place that has the longest line of locals.

2) Ask locals where they eat. A good way to find out where the locals eat is to ask them! Make sure to ask where they themselves eat rather than asking for a recommendation. If you ask a local for a food recommendation they might steer you at a place geared for tourists thinking you might prefer that.

3) Buy food at morning and night markets. Morning markets and night markets are good places to find local street food and maybe pick up a souvenir.

4) Avoid restaurants in the middle of touristy areas because they are geared for tourists. Sometimes if you walk just a few minutes away from the main tourist area you can find places frequented by locals.

5) Avoid restaurants mentioned in every guidebook. They tend to be full of only tourists as well.

6) Consider a meal sharing experience.  There are many websites that connect locals with travelers include Traveling SpoonBonAppetour and EatWith.  This is a great way to eat with locals in their homes.

Eating like a local is a great way to not only learn about a country but to save money on travel since local food is cheaper.  (Here is what you can eat for $5 dollars around the world.)  Do you have any other tips for eating like a local?


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