Top Travel Dining Tips for When you Travel

We experience the world through our senses, and though it isn’t always feasible when we are at home, we should treat ourselves when we are on vacation. The sense in question? Taste! You can taste the world on your travels, and so budgeting in for great food on your travels is one of the most worthwhile ways to improve your overall enjoyment of the trip.

Find the Best Restaurants with Live Entertainment

When you’re on vacation, you don’t have the time to properly explore the entire destination to its fullest, so find activities that combine the best of both worlds! Enjoy lunch while enjoying a great view of Los Angeles, or listen to local live music while you make the most of the dining in Bryce Canyon, or even go for a unique dining experience like eating in the dark.

Most cafes these days are really Instagrammable so it wouldn’t hurt to ask around some local cafes in Queenstown. There are so many ways that you can combine great food with a fun activity, but they aren’t always easy to find. Plan ahead and see what is available in the city or destination before you go. If there aren’t many options around (as is the case in rural areas), you might want to book a reservation a week or so in advance.

Always Visit the Local Food Markets

Taste the world and allow everyone in your party to enjoy a meal of their choosing by heading to a food market. These exist in every major city, and sometimes they are even themed. There are vegan markets, farmer’s markets, street markets, and so many more. These markets are the pulse of life, and a great way to enjoy lunch and see more of your city you are visiting.

Try At Least One Local Dish

Every city and destination has its own local delicacy. Sometimes they’ll be something familiar, like tofu dogs, other times they will be something very different to what you’ve ever eaten before. Just as you should look for a restaurant that offers a live entertainment option or even just some great views for you to enjoy, you should also aim to experience new tastes altogether.

Take a Cooking Class

If you are someone who loves to learn new things and wants to bring new tastes home with them, then look to an online booking site and see what cooking experiences are available. You can learn how to make simple foods from scratch, or learn how to make that delicious local delicacy you just tried out.

Go on a Tasting Tour

Another great activity that you can enjoy on your trip that will help you see your destination and explore through your taste buds is through a tasting tour. These are available for beers, wines, and foods, so see what is available in your destination and book early to avoid disappointment.


Eating well on vacation should be one of the highlights. Budget these more expensive meals from the start and make them something you truly look forward to on your adventure.


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