3 Top Spots to Visit on Your Next Trip to Phang Nga

Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Tourists often overlook it because they opt to travel to the more famous Phuket. However, the island has a lot to offer. With sheer limestone karsts, aqua waters, and several tropical islands, the province of Phang Nga is a place of exceptional natural beauty.

phang nga bay Thailand

There’s also a wealth of natural treasures to see and explore found in some of the conservation areas. Above sea level, there are jungle-shrouded mountains found in some of the oldest rainforests in the world, and below the sea lies some of Thailand’s exotic treasures.

Here are a few spots to stop by when in Phang Nga.

1. Stunning Phang Nga Bay

Take the Phang Nga Bay tour on a boat and get to see the limestone cliffs, which create a picturesque backdrop and enjoy the peaceful experience of the calm waters and the quiet beaches. By far, the boat tours are the best way to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

You can enjoy swimming and kayaking around the limestone rock formations. In the afternoon, you can experience the beautiful golden hues of a Thai sunset while cruising on the Andaman Seas.

2. The karsts and caves of Phang Nga

Phang Nga is known for its sparkling green sea and mangrove forests, but we can’t fail to acknowledge the sky-high karsts that jut majestically from the bottom of the sea. Hidden at the bottom of these karsts are hidden ancient caves, and a trip through them is magical. They are fun to explore and can be a bit scary because of the eerie silence as you enter, which is only disturbed by the sounds of dripping water and bats. Make sure to look out for the stalagmites and the stalactites. They are exquisite.

Most caves feature rocky formations, and others lead to more enchanting sites like the hidden lagoons, secluded waterways, and bays. These offer an idyllic spot for travelers who like secluded spots, away from the bustling tourists and crowded beaches. The Thai people refer to the secret lagoons as hongs.

3. The view of James Bond Island

James Bond Island, famous for the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” is one of Thailand’s favorite attractions. Found in the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, the limestone Island with its dramatic sheer split wall is among the reasons why it receives visitors every day and all year-round. The surrounding pristine waters are emerald in color, and if you dive into the water, you can often see schools of small fish swimming close to the shore.

Boats aren’t allowed to dock at the island to preserve marine life, but you can view the famous island from your boat or the small beach of Koh Ping Ghan. It’s a high leaning rock with several caves inside that are also fantastic to explore.


Phang Nga is a beautiful and charming place to explore. There’s nothing that can beat the excitement you get when you set eyes on this unique place of beauty.


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