12 Best Destinations to Consider for Your First Honeymoon in 2022

The most intriguing phase of wedding preparation is still selecting a honeymoon destination. There are countless excellent locations to pick from all around the world. Because there are so many options, choosing one might be quite difficult. It could take some time, but if you thoroughly consider all your possibilities, you will be able to choose the location that best suits your likes and preferences.

Honeymoon is a lovely tradition that every couple should experience since it strengthens relationships between newlyweds. Consequently, it should provide the right balance of a relaxed and pleasant trip.

Choosing the ideal location for your special vacation is the greatest approach to ensure that your honeymoon is all you’ve dreamed it would be.

Honeymooners Prepare in Advance

Planning beforehand is recommended for your honeymoon vacation. Couples may spend their time together without any problems with advance planning.

For instance, if you plan a vacation in Destin, Florida, you can spend some time going through articles on couples also have things to do on vacation in Destin.

If you are traveling during peak season, then you must make arrangements as early as possible. Otherwise, you run the danger of losing out on the best accommodations, restaurants, excursions, and events because they will sell out or be reserved. Booking at least three months in advance, and preferably longer, is a decent rule of thumb. But do your homework.

Destination You Should Consider for Your First Honeymoon

The most romantic places to visit with your spouse are listed below in case you haven’t chosen the ideal location for your honeymoon:

1. Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are the ideal honeymoon destinations. The place where you may get amazing cuisine, wine, luxurious hotels, and lovely beaches. It’s a great chance for a couple to spend some quality time together while taking in the wonders that these islands have to offer.

There are hundreds of islands in Greece, so you’re sure to discover one that’s ideal for your honeymoon. You’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy the sun, from the breathtaking sunsets of Santorini and Mykonos to the serenity of Milos, as well as Rhodes and Alonissos.

The Greek Islands are an excellent place to go with your newlywed partner since they provide romantic breakfasts, coastal walks, and lovely beaches.

2. Phuket

In recent years, Phuket has become a popular honeymoon destination because of stunning sunsets and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The island of Phuket is covered in tropical rainforest and is located in the Andaman Sea 850 kilometers south of Bangkok.

Phuket features some of the world’s most lavish resorts for newlyweds. All the comforts you would expect from a five-star resort are available, along with regional specialties like Thai boxing lessons and yoga teachers.

3. Venice

The splendor of this Italian city is beyond what any photograph could really capture. You must see it for yourself to believe there is something wonderful about the union of magnificent architecture and a complex network of lagoons. What better time to do this than on a mini-moon or honeymoon?

It’s true that the major tourist attractions might draw large crowds, but it’s also feasible to encounter off-the-beaten-path delights, from tranquil squares and Gothic churches to hip neighborhood clubs. A twilight walking tour in these places offers a profoundly evocative experience.

4. Slovenia

Despite having all the benefits of more well-known locations, Slovenia is indeed a honeymoon destination that is somewhat off the main path. You may easily enjoy a country retreat, a beach vacation, and a city break in the same location thanks to the geographical diversity of this central European nation.

Explore the city, Ljubljana, which boasts a picturesque old town and a flourishing food scene before traveling to the countryside to check out Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, which rival the more expensive Italian Lakes in terms of value. An excellent location for cheap sun and sand is Portoroz Beach on the Adriatic Sea coast.

5. Cape Verde

One of the honeymoon locations in the UK is this one. The weather conditions are the first thing you need to be aware of. No matter what time of year it is, this place always has enough sunshine. You will adore this place much more if you adore the sun.

The beach is the primary influence on your decision to travel to this location. You will be able to completely enjoy the beach and all of the things you may find there because of the sunshine.

In addition, there are several beachfront resort options that provide not only the utmost convenience but also breathtaking ocean views. Here, all you need to do is soak up the sun and imagine that you and your spouse are in paradise.

6. Galapagos Islands

One of the most adventurous honeymoon locations is the Galapagos Islands. This is one of the greatest places to go on your honeymoon if you love nature and want to spend as much time as you can in it.

To visit the islands, you may either take a cruise or a flight. You may also get a room in a resort hotel to “live” as near to the area’s many natural attractions as you can. Naturally, you and your spouse must both appreciate and adore nature.

You may appreciate the local fauna and all of the area’s natural beauty thanks to the variety of activities offered at this location. Dive, go on a mini-safari, and engage in a variety of other activities to fully appreciate nature. This is your chance to get away from the city, unwind, and take in everything that nature has to offer if you don’t often have the chance to spend time in the great outdoors.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii legally belongs to the United States, yet often it seems like a separate planet. Hawaii offers you everything you might desire for a romantic beach honeymoon, without the need for a visa, with its gorgeous mountains, lush rainforest, and exquisite beaches. History buffs will enjoy a trip to Pearl Harbor, which is located in Honolulu, a laid-back and inviting city that provides a range of cultural activities.

Waikiki, Honolulu’s most famous district, is an excellent place to put its surfing talents to the test. Stunning beaches and emerald green cliffs on Maui are sure to wow tourists, while the Big Island is home to some of Hawaii’s most spectacular landscapes.

Without visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, no journey to Hawaii is complete. You may walk around a crater and be amazed by Mother Nature’s grandeur.

Hawaii is a fantastic honeymoon vacation since there are many lodging alternatives to suit everyone’s preferences, including luxury resorts that offer the ideal spot to unwind and rest after a day of adventure.

8. St Lucia

With a romantic charm, an abundance of rainforests, and the recognizable twin Pitons mountain peaks, Saint Lucia is one of the most unique and alluring honeymoon locations in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a popular honeymoon destination, but Saint Lucia is our favorite for a variety of reasons, including its postcard-worthy landscapes, activities, and laid-back culture. Some of the most amazing hotels you’ll ever stay in are located there as well.

Sand beaches, the Piton Mountains, and St. Lucia’s Hewanorra International Airport are all nearby, putting the Caribbean island nation’s tranquil beauty and adventure destinations at your fingertips.

9. Aruba

For young couples searching for a little excitement on their beach honeymoon, the island of Aruba in the Southern Caribbean is the ideal destination.

Most people think that Aruba just has beaches to offer, but there is a completely different aspect to the island, including a windswept, rocky shoreline with sea caves and quiet beaches.

Spend one day relaxing on the beach and the next in a jeep on an off-road adventure, but be sure to schedule a time to see the famed flamingos as well!

10.             Costa Rica

As many things as Costa Rica can fit into a tiny area, very few nations on the earth can. Beautiful beaches with excellent surf on both coastlines are separated by untamed mountains and dense vegetation.

Everyone may have the ideal honeymoon in Costa Rica since there is something for every kind of couple to enjoy. Costa Rica provides something for everyone, whether you’re a surfer or a sloth enthusiast.

11.             Finland

During the winter, Finland, a country in Northern Europe, resembles a snowy wonderland. Although the weather is generally gloomy at this time of year, one cannot help but notice the wonderful romantic feelings, which is why it is regarded as one of the top honeymoon places in the world in December.

For couples on their honeymoon who want to go here in December, the nation is perfect. The northern lights, for which the nation is renowned, would cause you two to desire to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders.

12.             Sri Lanka

Also, a fantastic place for honeymooners to travel to in December is Sri Lanka. You will be greeted warmly by the lovely sunny weather in addition to the amazing Christmassy atmosphere.

On Sri Lanka’s beaches, couples may be seen spending precious time together. You’ll be enchanted by the lush vegetation that surrounds the beaches because December marks the conclusion of Sri Lanka’s rainy season!

For newlyweds, especially those who wish to get closer to nature, there is a lot to discover.


There are so many breathtaking locations on earth that would be ideal for a honeymoon. Be careful to take into account the preferences and requirements of your partner before settling on a final site. You will, without a doubt, create priceless memories that will help you start your married life. Best of luck!


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