The Most Romantic Vacation Destination on the Mediterranean

There are dozens of beautiful places to go along the Mediterranean Sea and many of them are renowned as world class romantic getaways. There is lovely Cannes, Saint Tropez, Nice, the Italian Riviera cites, Malta, and Sicily. But of all the places, perhaps the one that outdoes all of the others is the stunningly romantic Greek Island of Mykonos.

This gem in the Aegean is known to attract lovers from all over Europe, and with good reasons. With its amazing romantic beach resorts like AdornoSuites, the best beach hotel in Mykonos, lovers  can be pampered and coddled during their stay on the island.


Mykonos also offers a range of great amenities for lovers. Here are a few of the best to indulge in with your partner.

The Beautiful Beaches

You can choose to lay on the beach at your hotel or select any number of other beaches on the island. Because this is a popular pastime expect to see many other tourists and locals indulging. You can order food while you are there, read and take dips in the water whenever you like. The beaches are beautiful with white sand and perfect sun. And the waters of the Mediterranean are always warm.

The Amazing Sunsets

If you are a true romantic, then one other things you love more than anything else, is a beautiful sunset. Taking your significant other to a great location to view a sunset is something that can get both of your romantic juices flowing. Mykonos is a perfect location for amazing sunsets .

The Fantastic Places to Walk

Mykonos is an island made for walking. There are lovely sites everywhere and you will see others who are also out in the streets. You can choose to walk along the beautiful beaches. Take romantic strolls with your significant other along the sand with your shoes off. Contemplate the finer things in life as you walk through the hills of the island. Here you can see beautiful Mediterranean Sea from a distance. Mykonos has rocky terrain that rises from the sea to form gentle hills and small valleys with the two highest points being small mountains of 369 and 392 meters in elevation. You can climb these hills and enjoy the view anytime day or evening. Or choose to walk through the many towns that dot the island. Stop and have a coffee or a light lunch and then walk some more with your love. You can also rent bicycles and ride around the island. This is a popular pastime for tourists.

The Nightlife

There is nothing comparable to island nightlife with your lover. Mykonos has grown a deserving reputation as Greece’s number 1 party island, so expect to have your choice of parties with revelers dancing to the music of Europe’s hottest DJs. If you have been to Ibiza, you know what to expect, only Greek style. If discos are not your style, how about a bar or cafe. There are many open that have live music or soothing tunes played inside and out You can choose a place right on the beach or one overlooking the water. Each is perfect for a romantic meal with your partner.

Come to Mykonos and bring your partner for a romantic time at the Mediterranean island made for lovers.


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