5 Lessons You Can Take Away From Your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is exhaustive and hectic. A honeymoon presents an opportunity to rest after the draining period. Also, couples can connect, unwind and enjoy each other’s company before settling into the reality of the next phase of life – marriage.


While in most cases, weddings are a public celebration of a couple’s love; a honeymoon remains an intimate culmination of a union between two love birds. Most people envision a blissful and seamless honeymoon. Unfortunately for some, that period marks one of the worst experiences in their life. But skipping the vacation is not an option either. Did you know that vacationing helps couples function better? Curing post-wedding blues with a beautiful getaway is a great way to start your marriage journey. 

Below are some lessons to take away from previous honeymooners. 

Adequate Research and Good Planning

Many things can go wrong even with the best structures in place, but a lack of planning and research is a sure way to fail. As outrageous as it sounds, you may need to start planning for your honeymoon around the same time you embark on your wedding plans. Allocating enough time allows you to settle on a destination, travel arrangements, and accommodations to meet your unique needs. You can also plan adequately for activities you wish to undertake.

Once you agree on a destination, do enough research and plan properly. Check out the weather to help pack the appropriate outfits for maximum comfort. Ensure you both have the required travel documents. If you are both adventurous and love globe-trotting, consider a multi-destination honeymoon of your favorite spots. Places like New Zealand and Costa Rica will work perfectly for adrenaline junkies, while Africa is for safari lovers. You can get many ideas on the best honeymoon travel destinations online. 

As you check on the destination, ensure that the dates work well for you. Visiting coastal European hotels between February and March is a bad idea as most places are closed during the off-season. Research and planning also ensure that the interest of both parties is factored in.

Make it Romantic

Traveling to an exotic destination is enchanting, but putting extra effort into making a honeymoon more romantic is the magic you need to start off. Consider adding custom touches throughout the period. A bottle of champagne, packets of chocolate, and some great music will set you in the right mood. 

Little presents are a constant reminder of the love for one another and keep the passion strong. Enjoy a flower subscription and celebrate your loved one with a bouquet in style. Right a personal message, leave love notes, plan for a surprise dinner, or buy a meaningful souvenir for your loved one. 

Make room for romantic experiences like relaxing together in a Jacuzzi or a bath. Add rose petals and soft music while at it. Extra touches like scented bath soaps and salts take such experiences to the next level. 

Balance Activities

There are many activities to engage in during the honeymoon period; hence easy for couples to overindulge. Remember, this is the time to reward yourselves as you connect. Making it special for both of you lies in sheer simplicity. One of the rules when picking activities is accommodating you as a couple.

Create time for your common interests. Activities that you both love will not only keep you both engaged but also grow the bond. While some prefer adventurous things like paragliding, others will appreciate witnessing a sunrise. Go through your destination’s available activities and settle for what will make both of you happy. Some travel agents and accommodation facilities offer activities tailor-made for honeymooners. 

It is ok to allow your partner some time to do what they love alone, even during the honeymoon. For example, your partner does not have to miss a premier league final match simply because you are not a football fan. Nap or arrange the room as he catches up with his favorite sport for a few minutes. 

Purpose to Enjoy

Life has a way of serving disappointments, even in the most beautiful moments. When setting off for a honeymoon, arm yourself with the resolve to enjoy and make precious memories from the vacation. It is often said that attitude is everything. Flights may delay, or the weather suddenly changes. Let none of the eventualities spoil the thrill. Besides the adrenaline-rushing events, traveling comes with loads of learning opportunities. 

Sometimes newlyweds opt for new destinations that they have never visited. Even with the best travel agent, a new place may present surprises you did not anticipate. Bringing a relaxed and positive attitude will go a long way in helping you enjoy your honeymoon. 

Just like in life, manage your expectations. Very high expectations make you read too much into things, creating disappointments. It may suddenly rain when you least expect it, or you lose your luggage at the airport. That is not a sign of a doomed marriage. Have a carry-on with some backup clothes in case the bag is delayed. When things go wrong, try and change what you can. But if it is beyond you, a positive attitude wins the day. 

Pack in Advance

Start by creating a pack list early and keep adding as you go on. It is not interesting to realize that you have forgotten something important when you are miles away from your holiday destination. While you can replace some things like slippers, forgetting your camera charger may cost you more money and dampen your spirits. 

Pack clothes and accessories for the weather and place. Ensure you are not too hot or too cold. It is crucial to check the culture of the people in your destination and dress appropriately. Most cultures in Asian communities will frown at ladies walking around in shorts. Do not stand out for the wrong reasons. 

In these tech-driven times, you want to have all your tech essentials like chargers, cables, good cameras, earphones, and travel adaptors with you. By all means, avoid carrying work-related things on your honeymoon.

Remember essential toiletries like sun protection creams, bug sprays, or medication you use. The general rule is to ensure you carry all you need without over-packing. Avoid unnecessary luggage and leave room to carry some souvenirs from your destination.


Enjoying a honeymoon needs the newlyweds to be present. There are always many pending things and enough worries to cloud your mind. Forget about everything else and choose to enjoy. Switch off and create your world. Dance the night away, indulge in every moment, and capture what you do not wish to forget. Work within your budget to avoid money-related stressors. You can still have the most memorable honeymoon on a limited budget.


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