My Always On The Go Packing Tips 

As you all know, I have spent years almost constantly travelling. Naturally, over that time, I have learned a thing or two about packing light, so I thought we would share the best ones with you.

I have tried to focus on tips that are helpful whether you are a holidaymaker or a globetrotter who is always moving. Both types of traveller can save time, money and hassle by packing light.

Pack multi-purpose items

The more multi-purpose items of clothing you pack the better.  For example, swim shorts for men take up very little space, and they are versatile.  Provided you buy a good pair, they can be worn during the day for sightseeing, and at as pyjama bottoms as well as to swim in. Reversible clothes are another example of adaptable clothing.

Pack lightweight clothes

Clearly, the lighter each item of clothing is the more you can potentially fit into the same space. You will be just as warm if you wear two t-shirts topped by a thin jumper, as you would be if you wore a thick jumper. Dressing in layers ensures you have a few tops to choose from on warmer days, and still have enough clothes to stay warm when it is cold.

Secure everything properly

Most parts of the world are relatively safe, but there is no doubt that thieves target travellers. You need to be aware of this fact and act accordingly. It is worth buying a good lock for your bag, and using it, especially when you are in and around transport hubs. You need to keep your passport, phone, room pass and cash on your person, preferably in a pocket with a tight button or a zip. This makes it harder for someone to pick your pocket, and reduces the risk of items falling out on the beach.

Roll rather than fold your clothes

Rolling clothes up rather than folding them, saves a huge amount of space, it also reduces creasing. It may also be worth your while investing in a couple of compression sacks, which squeezes all of the air out and creates a surprising amount of extra space.

Be careful about weight

Once you learn the art of packing you will be stunned by just how much stuff you can actually fit into a small backpack or case. However, keep in mind when packing and when choosing a travel backpack that you do need to be careful about the weight. You do not want to go over the airlines limit or your bag to be too heavy for you to carry comfortably.

Pack early

If you have never tried packing light before, it is important to do your packing a couple of days before you are due to travel. That way you can adjust things if you need to. Once you have packed light a few times you will know what you are doing, so will be able to go back to packing the night before. At first, it is a good idea to make a list. This will ensure that you remember everything that you need.

What to pack

Because what you actually need to take varies. It depends on what you are planning to do while you are away, so in this post we have focused on how to pack rather than what you should take. If you want actual what to pack lists there are some very good ones available online.


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