CabinZero Bag Review: Is It The Best Carry On Backpack?

I am a big believer in traveling with carry-on luggage only whenever possible.  I love not having to wait for checked luggage, pay checked luggage fees or worry about my bag being lost or stolen.

I have had a hard time finding a good carry on bag that fits everything I want to pack but still meets the airline carry on size restrictions.  My usual carry on bag just barely makes the cutoff of the maximum size allowed by the major U.S. airlines but it is too large for the cabin on some low cost airlines and international airlines.

Enter Cabin Zero.  When CabinZero offered me a bag to test out I was thrilled.  After traveling with my CabinZero bag, I am convinced that CabinZero is one of the best carry on backpacks.

Why Choose a CabinZero Bag?

It’s the perfect size for the airplace cabin.

cabin zero 28L best Lightweight Travel Backpack

CabinZero is a British company created by owner Neil Varden’s dream to have a cabin sized bag which would be lightweight, durable but also cool enough to use at his final destination.

CabinZero bags are perfectly cabin sized and fit the carry on dimensions of the majority of airlines.  The name CabinZero means Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles.

CabinZero bags are lightweight.

CabinZero bags are super light so you don’t have to worry about traveling with a heavy bag or paying overweight luggage fees. No more wondering how you are going to be able to lift your bag into the overhead compartment.

CabinZero is a socially responsible brand.

CabinZero is all about being a socially responsible brand.  Their bags are not made in sweat shops and CabinZero uses quality materials and takes care to reduce their environmental impact. They also encourage sustainable tourism and support charities in developing countries.  You can read more about CabinZero’s efforts to be socially responsible here.

CabinZero Bags have great features.

In addition to being light weight and small enough to fit in any airplane cabin, Cabin Zero bags have some fantastic features.  There features include:

•  10 years warranty but can increase warranty to 25 years just by liking CabinZero on Facebook.

•  Built in Global Luggage Tracker powered by Okoban so you won’t have to worry about losing your bag.

cabin zero bag review best carry on backpack

•  Lockable zippers on main compartment.

•  Top and side grab handles so that you can carry your bag like a suitcase or a backpack.

There are many style options.

CabinZero sells five different styles of carry on bags: Classic 28L, Classic 44L, Military 44L, Vintage 44L and Urban 42L, with many colors to choose from.

The Military 44L and Vintage 44L have the same dimensions as the Classic 44L but have a different design.  The only difference is that the Military 44L is a bit heavier than the Classic 44L.

I had a hard time deciding between the Classic 28L and the Classic 44L – the two main versions of cabin bags.  Here are the specs:

CabinZero Classic 44L – Ultra Light Cabin Bag
$78.00 USD
Volume: 44L
Weight: 760 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm

CabinZero Classic 28L – Ultra Light Cabin Bag
$65.00 USD
Volume: 28L
Weight: 600 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 39 x 29.5 x 20 cm

The 28L is the smaller version of the Classic 44L and a great size for both travel and everyday use.  The Classic 28L is exactly the same as the Classic 44L bag except that it is smaller and has oversized padded air mesh shoulder straps.

Ultimately, I chose the smaller Classic 28L because I fly a lot and I prefer to bring two carry on bags –  a larger bag with wheels that I place in the overhead compartment and a smaller backpack for under the seat. However, I would choose the Classic 44L if I wanted to travel with a backpack only and I might end up purchasing the larger version as well.

My Impressions

I was impressed with my Classic 28L CabinZero bag.  I was able to fit much more stuff in the bag than I thought I would because of its squarish design and the fact that it opens like a suitcase. This is makes it easy to find items in your backpack without having to dig to the bottom.

cabinzero reviews

The side compression straps are also a great feature because you can squeeze the bag in further to make it more compact.

cabin zero Backpack review

I like that my Classic 28L bag is versatile.  It is a great bag for weekend getaways when you don’t have as many items to things to pack.  You can also use the Classic 28L as a day bag or when hiking both at home and while traveling.

cabin zero bag review and discount code

Disclaimer: I was given a free bag by CabinZero in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Cabin Zero Bag Review- The Best Carry-On Backpack



  1. OK, so this is pretty straight forward. A simply-designed bag that is lightweight and compact. Sounds pretty good. I might have to consider it. Like the blue.

  2. I am actually looking for a good backpack. Will review it further. The size looks just perfect to me.

  3. Really cool backpack/briefcase style design. I’m blown away that they can get 44L into a carry-on sized dimension. It might be worth checking out!

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