Five Must-Attend Events in Australia  

Australia is continuing to be among the most popular tourist destinations all over the world due to its attractive scenery, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and a state for the best road trip destinations worldwide. Additionally, the country has excellent places where visitors can attend exclusive events throughout the year. Here are five fun festivities you can go to with your family and friends during your holiday.

Five Must-Attend Events in Australia

Before planning to attend the most entertaining events in Australia, you should first apply for a tourist visa Australia that will allow you to travel the country or conduct business research among the locals freely. Moreover, the eVisitor Australia will enable you to enter the country multiple times in a year, and it is valid for 12 months.

The Falls Festival

One of the exceptional events in Australia is The Falls & Music Festival, usually held in the central region of the Otway Rainforest. Often, whenever you are having a road trip to the Great Ocean, Queensland, you can always stop at the festivity to have amusements before carrying on with your tour.

Customarily, the festival calls itself the ‘arts smorgasbord’ because it grows from a peaceful, humble, and a campfire fantasy to an unashamed boogying event that ensues later at night, after the arrival of the festival gang. Also, during the New Year’s Eve, you can attend face painting and ruffle feathers activities for the falling fiesta. Typically, joining yoga sessions for circus workshops, exhibition, and spiritual realignment will leave you stress-free and revitalised.


Another beautiful event worth attending is the Tropfest, an enjoyable, brief, and the biggest short film festival throughout the world. With over 700 entries, organisers only select 16 finalists who experience a live screening at the Domain, in the Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

The event usually attracts over 15,000 visitors across the globe, who attend the night laden with chairs and picnic covers to enjoy music, entertainments, and refreshments from food stalls.

Moomba Festival

The event happens during the Labor Day weekend, and it is a community and free festivity in March. Highlights of the Moomba Festival includes multiple main stage performances from the famous Australian entertainers, and the event ends on Monday with a parade. Also, the occasion involves a hilarious Birdman Rally, where the participants strap themselves with home-made wings and try to fly across a river from a platform.

Australia Day

The official National Australia Day is a great event that happens on 26th January every year, and it celebrates various nomination, including the Australian of the Year and the Order of Australia. In the afternoon and during the evening, numerous entertainment activities ensue in the country’s major cities, including the Australian Day UTE Run, a live concert at Canberra, and cockroach racing in Brisbane.

Big Day Out

Finally, the country has an outstanding travelling festivity that gives you an excellent new year head start as the event involves a tour to the major cities, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. In the journey, you will have a moment to meet new people while still enjoying February’s and January’s sunny weather.


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