How work from home can be made more productive

With the coronavirus spread, more and more companies and employees are moving their offices to their home’s safety. For some, distance work may be more appropriate, but for others, it’s a test, either because they feel isolated or because various distractions such as children and pets await them at home. So how do we maintain our concentration and efficiency while working from home? The following tips give you the solution.

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  1. Keep a fixed schedule

This is the most crucial step when working from home. You may be tempted to start slower, take short breaks and stop earlier, but you are hurting yourself if you do not maintain a basic work structure. Maintaining a specific schedule helps you complete your work and allows your co-workers to contact you in your most productive hours.

  1. Dress like you are at work

Even if you do not have to meet someone for the day, it is important to dress regularly in the office where you worked. This will signal to your brain that it is time for work and not relaxation, which will give you more energy. It is a brain factor that often shows positive results at work.

  1. Create an “office” space at home

It can be tempting to work from your couch or bed, but it costs a lot in terms of efficiency and concentration. Try to work from a specific place or office to keep your organization and efficiency at a high level, without being affected by any procrastination you may have while sitting on your couch or bed.

  1. Set rules for your family or roommates

Being productive when working from home is mainly based on having set boundaries. It also means setting limits on your children, pets, spouse or roommates. Try to encourage them to leave you alone when you work to stay focused. It is imperative to maintain your calm and concentration during the hours you work, because only then will you be able to make fair use of the hours you are in front of your computer screen.

Working from home can often be more exhausting than working from the office. This is because keeping a schedule at home is more complicated since there are more “distractions”. That’s where you have to decide to set your own rules. Consider, for example, the profession of voice acting. A voice actor who works pre-eminently at home, using all the necessary recording equipment, should be quite clear with the rules and boundaries he sets for other people living in the house during his working hours.

His profession requires absolute silence during the recording sessions so that the result is professional. In other words, we are talking about an operating condition that plays a significant role in the performance itself. The better a voice actor performs, the more he/she will earn from his / her booming profession, especially at this time. Voquent is an agency that is continuously looking for new voice actors to join their team, with quite competitive salaries and many career opportunities.

  1. Keep staff and work time separate

You do not need to work harder than planned as you may get too tired. Keeping personal and work time separate helps you be productive while at work, and reduces stress when you are out of work.

  1. Plan your day as if you were in the office

Before you start working, make sure you set your priorities from the beginning, how much time you will need to complete your obligations and how you will use the time you have left. Stay on schedule with the help of a watch or an online calendar. All of these moves will help you improve the organization of your valuable time both inside and outside of work.


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