Staying Sane and Motivated When You Have to #StayAtHome

Staying at home is usually something we all look forward to. Taking a day off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a treat, but when you are forced to stay at home due to the COVID19 pandemic, it can feel strange and anxiety provoking.

While staying at home is the best thing you can do to protect both yourself and those you love, it is also important that you protect your physical and mental health from the confines of your home. Therefore, we have put together this guide on how to stay sane and motivated during self-isolation.

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Stay Connected

Even though you can’t pop round to visit a family member or go out for a coffee with a friend, there are still many ways that you can keep in touch with those you love without leaving the house. Thanks to the advancements in technology, those closest to us are just at the end of the phone. And, with the use of video calls you can see them as well.

While staying at home and self-isolating can feel lonely, it is important to remember that everyone is in this together and if you are feeling down or worried then the chances are so is your friend or family member who is also staying at home. Get in touch with them and this will help you both throughout this difficult time.

Get Enough Sleep

Staying at home all day every day can make it increasingly difficult to follow the healthy routine that you are used to. It can be particularly tempting to sneak off for an afternoon nap if you get the chance, but this can have serious consequences on your sleeping patterns.

Getting enough sleep is essential, and you also need to ensure that the quality of sleep you are getting is good as well. So, try to follow your usual sleeping pattern as best you can. Make your bedroom a sleep only environment, by removing any distractions and investing in one of the best mattresses on the market. You can find the right one here.

Structure Your Day

Trying to stay motivated can be difficult when you are forced to stay at home, but by continuing with a structured day, you are much more likely to feel pro-active and focused on the tasks you want to complete. Whether you are working from home and need to work on projects, or you are going to spend your time in self-isolation doing jobs around your home and having a spring clean, you can structure your day accordingly.

Completing the tasks, you have set yourself throughout the day will give you a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel more motivated to continue.

Take Breaks

While it is important to stay motivated and productive where you can when staying at home and self-isolating, it is also crucial that you give yourself the time you need to rest. The challenging situation that we now find ourselves in is not common, and for many people it is extremely difficult. Research has found that isolation can lead to mild mental health problems. Therefore, if you feel like you are struggling, be sure to take the time you need to relax and give yourself a break.

Eat Well

Being stuck at home can make it easy to justify several snacks throughout the day, but this will not help you maintain your routine or help you feel energized and motivated. So, try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and take the time to try out those new recipes you’ve been meaning to!

By making conscious choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle you can stay sane and motivated while staying at home.


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