Where to Eat in Paris: The Foodie Edition

Did you know that over 40 million tourists made their way to Paris, France in the year 2017? It’s true! Paris is one of the most popular cities for traveling tourists and one of the most popular cities to eat in as well. Before you make your travel arrangements, do some research to find the best restaurants in Paris to help you decide where and what you want to eat. Here’s what you should eat and where to eat in Paris.

The Le Grand Restaurant

Traveling is all about traveling to new places and trying the food from that particular culture to experience life like the locals.

Le Grand Restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking to try the French classic dish of veal sweetbreads so that you can cross it off your European bucket list.

The sweetbreads from this restaurant cook on walnut shells. When the dish comes to you, you’ll also be able to try walnut morels and walnut mousseline.

You’ll get to try one of France’s great delicacies and tell everyone at home that Jean-Francois Piege was your chef.

The Bouillon Chartier Restaurant

Bouillon Chartier is one of the best places to visit if you’re wanting to not spend a lot on a great meal.

This restaurant has a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy some classic French dishes with your family and friends. The waiters will even write your order on the paper that they use as a tablecloth.

You’ll love the chance to dine in this beautiful dining room in an impressive belle epoque style. It’s a way to not pay large prices to experience an upscale dining experience, which fits the overall trend of your trip if you’re also looking to stay in one of the high-quality short stay lets that Paris has to offer.

The Comice Restaurant

You can find classic French cuisines like duck foie gras and fine wine at the Comice restaurant at a relatively low price.

This contemporary French cooking has a diverse menu with something for everyone in your party. There’s also an extensive wine menu for you to choose from that features wines from all over the globe.

If you dine here, you’ll be getting French food with a modern twist.

The Restaurant yam’Tcha

If you’re looking for a unique take on French cuisine, try planning a trip to yam’Tcha.

The chef here knows Chinese cooking from years of living there. That’s why she uses a mixture of Chinese and French cuisine to create interesting new flavors.

Because of these new flavors in France, you can try pairing your food with your choice of French wine or Chinese herbal tea.

The Hugo & Co Restaurant

Hugo & Co is the place to go if you’re in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

You’ll enjoy the fun eating and sharing experience of small plates. There’s also food that is sure to satisfy those of all diets and restrictions.

There’s something perfect to eat here from breakfast all the way to dessert and everything in-between. For brunch, you might want to try Hugo & Co’s savory pancakes with guanciale, cured pork

A great dessert option for the whole family is their cappuccino ice cream that is a great way to end any night in Paris.

The Chez Marianne Restaurant

Paris has more than just French food to offer. The Chez Marianne offers a variety of Middle Eastern food options.

You can feast on their falafel, tahini, hummus, or even a pita sandwich. Learn more about the fun, trendy establishment that is open every day.

The Pink Mamma Restaurant

The rooftop of the Pink Mamma restaurant has a great view of the city of Paris. After enjoying your meal, you can go see this historic city from a brand new point of view.

You can have a unique dining experience in a building that has a history of being a hospital.

There are four stories to this restaurant/hospital and you can have four very different dining experiences on each level.

The basement even serves as an old-school speakeasy complete with all the cocktails that you can imagine.

As far as food goes, they have a wide selection of European favorites on the menu. You can get your hands on some authentic pasta and pizza.

The Café Constant Restaurant

The Café Constant is where you want to be if you are looking for a place to eat with an amazing view of the famous Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately, there are no reservations at this in-demand restaurant. This means that you’ll be spending a good bit of time admiring the city of Paris and the view of the Eiffel Tower while you wait for your opportunity to dine.

This is an extremely popular restaurant where there’s almost always a long wait.

Your long wait will be worth it once you get your hands on dishes like their oysters or their tartare of salmon.

You can opt for something light or something hearty on their diverse French dining menu. This helps there be something for everyone to enjoy.

L’Astrance is Where to Eat in Paris

If you’re looking to go all out and enjoy fine French dining at luxurious prices, L’Astrance is the restaurant you want to book.

This restaurant is currently one of the 50 best restaurants in the world according to S Pelligrino. With chef Pascal Barbot at the helm, the classic French cuisine is some of the best in the world.

Look at their carte blanche, or free choice, for many options including steamed scallops with oysters or milk-fed lamb in tandoori sauce.

With many courses, you’re sure to find many new favorite French dishes.

The Buvette Restaurant

The Buvette restaurant in the South Pigalle neighborhood is a great place that functions as whatever you need it to be.

Depending on what you need, Buvette can be a restaurant, bar, or a café. With decent prices, you can experience a local neighborhood favorite hangout spot.

You can experience the French food you flew all this way for like coq au vin and croque monsieur.

Prepare Your Dining Plan 

Knowing where to eat in Paris can help you plan out your trip to France before you even get there. You can decide to plan a mixture of casual and upscale restaurants to give you a good feel of all the dining that Paris, France has to offer.


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