Keeping The Family Organized While Traveling

Family travels are a great way to bond regardless of the destination. Whether you are rushing to see a sick family member, holiday, business or globetrotting, maximize on the moment and make the time spent together count. Trips that are not well organized are not only likely to cause conflict but drain energy and finances. To maximize and enjoy every travel, pay attention to the following ways of keeping your family organized while traveling.

family trip

Create a Travel Itinerary

The bigger the family is, the more the drama while traveling. Creating a travel itinerary is one crucial way to stay sane and enjoy your trip. Have a clear list of:

  • Phone numbers of travel companies, hotels, car rental companies, and airlines.
  • Flight numbers and times
  • Addresses and phone numbers of all the places you intend to visit including time
  • Phone numbers and addresses of your country’s embassy if you are traveling to a different country
  • Schedule and dates of sites to visit

Apart from saving you time and money, a travel itinerary helps you maximize the time on your trip as a guide for avoiding unnecessary friction. Let your team have a copy so that everyone knows what to do at the right time. Seamless and well organized traveling experiences are fun.

Once you have your itinerary done and ready, share it with a close family member or friend who is not part of the travel. It is always good to have someone else know where you are in case anything happens and you need help.

Get a Travel Plan Checklist

A travel plan checklist, like any other, helps you get everything that you need for traveling beforehand. Ensure all the travel documents are up to date. Whether you are planning for a one day trip or you will be away for months, a travel plan checklist ensures you have all you need. Once you decide on how you will pay for items and services, ensure the mode of payment is acceptable in your destinations.

Another consideration is the weather conditions in your destination to guide you on the right clothes to carry. Bear in mind the culture of the people so that you dress appropriately and do not provoke your hosts.

If kids are part of the trip, list things you will need for them. Is there anyone in the family with a medical condition that requires medical attention or on drugs? List the doctor’s visit as part of the checklist.

Pack in a Particular Order and Separately

Organizing the family will relieve you of unnecessary pressure always. Everyone should have their bags with the essentials except babies. Involve your team at the point of packing so that it is easy to get whatever one needs in their bags. It is also vital as they know or have preferences on what else they need to carry.

Mixing everyone’s item in the bags will create confusion and conflict among family members.

Also, pay attention to items like shampoos, liquid soaps, and syrups when packing. Ensure you pack the items in a waterproof container or paper bags to avoid getting other things messy in case of leakage.

Have a Budget and Save Money in Advance

Traveling needs money. Somehow, there are a lot of spending opportunities when on the move. A budget is part of financial diligence. Draw a budget of the intended expenses. Depending on the purpose of the trip, you will need money for various things like taxis, tickets, food, shopping, among others, have a saving plan.

Get estimate costs of items and services in advance as part of your planning.

Plan Your Time Well

Give a reasonable allowance between travels. If you are driving to the airport to pick a flight, leave early just in case there are delays on the road. Also, give enough time for delays and hiccups in case you are connecting flights. The last thing you want is getting stranded at an airport in a strange land with kids. It gets worse if your trip is time bound.

Allow enough time for delays and unforeseen incidents when booking or planning your itinerary.

Capture the Moments

Photos and videos may look meaningless until that is the only memory you have of a loved one or the times you shared. Do not miss the precious moments as you may need to take a walk into the past when you are old and gray. You will never regret that you lived. Carry your cameras and phones. Make sure they are all charged and ready.

Traveling together is the highlight of many families, regardless of the ages. During the trips, families create the most treasured memories. The bond grows tighter as people laugh, eat, cry as they get to know each other deeper. It is all fun if the travel is seamless. Always ensure your travel documents are all locked up in a safe or kept in a secure when on transit. Losing them can ruin the best family travel.


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