What to keep in mind if you want to travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country that many people wish to travel to. It has breathtaking scenery and wildlife as well. You may not know where to start when planning a trip to New Zealand. You will obviously want to see most of the country and enjoy yourself at the same time. New Zealand is a country full of unique flora and fauna as well. You can experience stuff here that you will not see anywhere else.
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The following are some tips to keep in mind if you want your trip to New Zealand to be fruitful:

Visa requirements

You need to find out if your passport is from a country which is on the visa waiver list. If yes, you will not need a visa to the country. This is applicable if you do not want to stay for more than three months, and 6 months for UK citizens. You will not be allowed to work here as well.

If your country is on the visa waiver list, you will have to request a NZETA or New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority before arrival.

Those whose country is not present on the list or if you wish to remain in New Zealand for more than 3 months, you will need to apply for the visitor visa. This can take some months therefore you should apply early enough.

How to get to New Zealand

The country is an island that is far from everything else therefore the quickest way to get there is by plane. You can look at the major airlines that have flights to New Zealand. Make sure you choose a good flight that will not stress you out with long transit times for instance.

You can also reach the country by cruise ship.

When to visit New Zealand

The answer to this depends on what you want from your trip and what you are looking for. If you want to go here when it is the best weather, you will need to handle the many tourists present in the country. Less people travel when the high season dies down. However the likelihood of heavier rain tends to be higher as well.

This country is known for “3 seasons in 1 day”. Usually it includes intervals of rain as well as sun.

For instance when it is spring from September to November, there is a change that snow will be present in the mountains. It can be rather chilly as well, mostly in the South Island. However, the days tend to be getting longer and even warmer. The country is less crowded at this time.

It is important to plan carefully before going to New Zealand. You should know what you want to see and which places you wish to visit. Make sure that everyone who is with you will enjoy. You may be more interested in the wildlife, flora, fauna, etc. here whilst other people may be interested in the city life.


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