5 Ways to Help Your Kids Beat the Heat This Summer

With the snow still flying in some parts of the country, the warmth of the summer sun can be tough to imagine, but it’s on its way. In no time at all, the kids will be out of school and looking for things to keep them entertained and busy. The key to giving your kids a summer to remember is to keep them comfortable in the heat. 

Kids at beach

Summer temperatures are getting hotter every year, and this should be a concern for parents. Keeping your kids protected from sun damage and overexposure is a priority. Finding ways to keep your kids cool in the summer heat can help you to save the summer. 

If you don’t have a swimming pool or live near a body of water, staying cool in the summer heat could be challenging. For your younger kids, installing a clip on stroller fan could do the trick, but for older kids that are on the move, staying cool will take some creativity. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to help your kids stay cool this summer.  


Kids don’t think about taking a break from the fun to stay hydrated. Keeping the healthy drinks flowing often falls to parents. When your kids are putting in all their effort towards their fun, adding a few quiet time breaks is a good idea. Use this time to ensure that your kids drink enough fluids, take a break from the sun, and stay hydrated.  

Embrace the Hose 

You don’t have to make things complicated for kids to have fun; all you need is a garden hose. When the mercury starts to climb, put on your kid’s bathing suit and get out the hose. Help your kids to beat the heat with a bit of splashing fun. This is a great way for your kids to get outside and play simply and safely while staying cool and entertained.  

Air Circulation 

Don’t let the tough summer heat keep you and your kids from getting the most out of the summer. If you can keep air circulation going, your kids can still get out and have fun. Set up a few fans on your back patio and let your kids play in the fresh air while still enjoying the artificial breeze.  

Cool Fabrics 

Paying attention to your children’s clothing can help them to stay cool in the heat. Artificial fabrics like rayon and polyester don’t allow the skin to breathe, making them hot and sweaty in the summer. To help your kids stay cool, choose clothing that is made from natural fibers like cotton or bamboo. Natural fabrics will wick sweat and moisture off the skin and allow airflow to reach the skin, keeping your child cooler in the summer sun.  

Sun Protection 

There are many ways to get out and let your kids enjoy the summer without exposing them to excessive heat. Consider different ways to protect your kids from the sun, including sunscreen coverage. Another way to help guard your kids against the sun is through their wardrobe, including sun hats, sunglasses, and lightweight long-sleeved protective tops. Another way to provide protection from the sun is to consider your child’s primary playing space. Think about hanging up a few fabric sails to block the sun and provide the necessary shade. 

If you and your kids are already looking forward to the summer, keep these tips in mind to keep your kids cool and comfortable. 


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