One week wildlife holiday to Botswana

When you are planning to enjoy quality time in the wild,you need to pick the right place,as apart from the time and money spent,the trip has to be a memorable one.

If you aspire for a wildlife vacation that allows you to stay in amazing spots,the first country which comes to one’s mind is Botswana, mainly because of its commitments to eco-tourism.

Botswana safari holidays can be tailored to suit every travel plan.This seven day experience in the heart of the country’s wilderness has been curated to provide splendid animal and bird watching opportunities that no nature lover should miss out on.

Day 1 Moremi Game Reserve

Elephants in africa

The first thing you will see when your light aircraft lands from Maun is the labyrinth of waterways which constitute this amazing wildlife destination.In fact,there is hardly a better place on earth which provides such a fascinating introduction to wildlife than the Okavango Delta.

Assuming you have arrived in Botswana on a long haul flight,your lodge in the delta will be a perfect place to lounge around and relax and watch wild animals in the river. You will be astonished to see so much wildlife within minutes of transfer to your camp.

Okavango Delta is located deep inside the wilds of Botswana, so as such you need not go on a game drive on the very first day. Instead you can safari from the camp itself to fine tune your senses to what lies in the days ahead.

Day 2 Moremi Game Reserve


Moremi Game Reserve lies in the heart of the Okavango Delta and since it serves as a perennial source of water, wildlife in this part of the area is always plentiful. Besides frequent sightings of four of the Big 5,other large ungulate herds and the rare Sabie antelope can be seen hereĀ 

You will begin your morning from your lodge on a game drive hoping to bump into elephants blocking the way or spot lions in the grass resting on their stomachs.Driving along the river bank you will come across giraffes trekking elegantly across the floodplains. Return to camp for breakfast and rest.

Your afternoon will begin with a totally different kind of wildlife viewing experience,this time in a mokoro canoe.As your boat glides silently along the waterways,animals like hippo, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo and others will come close to the water edge and offer amazing photo opportunities. Overnight in the camp.

Day 3 Moremi Game ReserveĀ 

Your third morning again begins with a game drive for spotting some of the unique wildlife of the delta.You may see one species more than once,but that in no way will lessen the experience as the activity may vary,such is the diversity of this place.

Another mokoro safari awaits you in the afternoon. Since the boats allow you to get around the Okavango in total silence,they offer splendid close-up views of the animals who come to drink. Birding enthusiasts will find vultures and fishing eagles soaring overhead,while large herds of red lechwe will be literally everywhere.

Day 4 Kwando concession

Most of this part of Africa is wilderness,and Kwando is about as deep as it can get. Flying is the best option to get to Kwando from the delta,so on the fourth morning you head north to access this remote region of Botswana for an epic two day safari excursion.

On arrival,you will find the terrain totally different from the Okavango Delta in this private concession which lies on a major migratory route for elephants.You will go on a game drive after lunch to see the large elephant herds which migrate here from Chobe National Park.

On your game drive you may also come across a roan antelope or a herd of Tsessebe,a new species to add to your safari animal list. The floodplains also attract many grazers, notably buffalo,zebra and wildebeest. Overnight at Kwando.

Day 5 Kwando concession

Local animal trackers help visitors at the concession to pass on information about animal sightings.You will use their expertise on the second morning in Kwando to head straight to the bush, whether it is a den of wild dogs or an encounter with a big cat.

Drive back to the camp and then go on a walking safari after breakfast. You will find this experience as thrilling,if not more,than a game drive as the area is populated with big cats and elephants,which require you to be vigilant at all times.

Since this is a private concession,you can drive off-road, especially to follow predators on a hunt, something which Kwando is famous for. In addition,a nighttime game drive will further add to the excitement as the guides turn on the powerful torches to spot lions causing a bedlam among other animals as they venture out to make a kill. Retire to your camp for sleep.

Day 6 Chobe National Park

Chobe in Botswana

Today you will do the long 275 km/4 hrs drive to the spectacular Chobe National Park where you will stay in a lodge along the banks of the mighty Zambezi.Though Chobe extends well over 11,000 km,great wildlife sightings here are almost guaranteed,so the remainder of the day will be rewarding as well.

Upon arrival,a quick bite to eat and head out on a game drive. While hippos,giraffes and big game are impossible to miss,what makes Chobe stand out are the massive herds of elephants,known to assemble in over 100,000 numbers during the peak season, resulting in extremely close encounters with these gentle giants.

The landscape is dense and makes it a perfect place for predators to hide and hunt. After the hectic day of driving,you can enjoy the evening at your lodge by the Chobe River watching the African sun setting over the silhouettes of the herds of pachyderms.

Day 7 Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is very close to Chobe,so it makes a lot of sense to spend the last day here to experience this natural wonder of the world. Just cross the border and within minutes you will be settled in your lodge by the Zambezi river.

Spend time taking photos and marvelling at the mist rising up from the great volume of water cascading down every second. Needless to stay it is impossible to stay dry,but this is a part of the experience.

Day 8 DepartureĀ 

The Victoria Falls airport is just a short twenty minutes drive from the falls,and as you depart for your home country,who knows you may be seen off by a pod of hippos or one last elephant sighting.


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