5 Ways to Collect and Display Travel Mementos

If you are someone who travels frequently it’s nice to have a few mementos of the trips you take so you can look back on them fondly and make them a bigger part of your life.
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That being the case, let’s look at some fun ways you can collect and display the mementos of your travel.

  1. Buy a map and collect pins

One of the nicest ways to collect and display travel mementos is to simply buy a large map poster and hang it on your wall. Then, whenever you travel to a new location, collect a pin and place it in the map at the location you have visited.

As the years go by, you will end up collecting lots and lots of colored pins that will make you map into a stunning piece of artwork that will show everyone where you have been, What could be nicer than that? 

  1. Curate your exhibition

Buy a wall storage unit, like the ones at https://tylko.com/furniture-c/wallstorage/, and wherever you go pick up a small trinket like a miniature Eiffel tower or a pebble from the beach in Brazil, and curate your very own, gallery-like wall display by placing each object in a separate box or cubby hole. Display them as artfully as you can and include written descriptions and photos of your vacations, to make it feel like an exhibition.

  1. Turn your luggage tags into a mosaic

Everywhere you travel, if you are going by plane at least, you will end up with a luggage tag or two that tells the story of the trips you have taken. Most of us simply throw these wavy once we are done flying, but if you keep them, you can turn them into a mosaic of the places you have been, frame it, and hang it on the wall for posterity, it will look great and make a unique talking point when you have guests over.

  1. Take a selfie

Obviously, when you are on vacation, you are going to be taking a bunch of selfies, but if you aim to take one really good selfie, perhaps doing the same pose each time, at the most famous landmark in each location you visit, then you can print those selfies out and create a unique gallery wall that illustrates perfectly your travels and the amazing things you have seen.

  1. Create a rock garden from around the world

Wherever you go, pick up a rock or pebble from the beach or street, being mindful of any cultural sensitivities or environmental issues, and bring them home with you. Turn them into a unique rock garden that you can enjoy in your backyard to remind you of your travels whenever you look at it.

Now, whether you travel to Texas or Tibet, you can pick up memorable souvenirs and display them in a way that looks great and helps you to remember the good times even when you are at home!


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