Unique Travel Inspired Gifts

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and while the memories may last a lifetime, sometimes we want to create a memento that cannot fail to bring to mind those wonderful places that we have seen and visited during our travels. If you are looking for a perfect present for your nearest and dearest on the occasion of their birthday or anniversary, why not consider giving them a travel inspired gift that captures the essence of some of the special experiences that you have shared together?

The English Rose

The quintessential English rose is one of the iconic symbols of the UK and has long been associated with British history. The Tudor rose is one of England’s most famous emblems – a combination of the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster which is found on many historic buildings around the country. The red rose is also the national flower of England and has been adopted by many national bodies as its symbol. If you have enjoyed a holiday in the UK with your loved one and are looking for unique gifts for her, why not remind her of the happy times you shared in the English countryside together with a beautiful red glazed rose? Made from a hand-picked natural rose blossom, beautifully glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, this one of a kind work of art is sure to bring back lots of memories of good times.

The Scent of the Riviera

Unique Travel Inspired Gifts

Have you and your partner spent a fabulous vacation on the French Riviera? If you are searching for the perfect gift to capture the essence of your stay, why not choose some aromatic French perfume? The town of Grasse in the South of France is considered to be the world’s perfume capital and is home to several perfume factories. The centre of French perfume-making since the 18th century, today Grasse produces two thirds of French natural aromas, so what better gift to remind her of her visit? Scent has been shown to trigger memories, so make sure she remembers the happy times you spent on the Riviera with a perfume gift.

A Passion for Fashion

Have you and your loved one just enjoyed a wonderful Italian experience in Milan? Then preserve those happy moments when her birthday or anniversary comes around by giving her a fashion gift inspired by this famous city. Recognised as Europe’s capital city of fashion, Milan has long been known for its textiles and design industry and throughout the 20th into the 21st centuries a number of designers have boosted the city’s image as an iconic fashion hub. For a uniquely Milan-themed travel related gift, give her a fashion item from one of the great houses that are based here – Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada or Versace among others. Every time she wears her gift, she’ll be reminded of this fantastic holiday that meant so much to you both.

A Taste of the Orient

Unique Travel Inspired Gifts

Japan is a unique and beautiful destination, famous for its stunning landscapes, fascinating culture and interesting history. If you have both been travelling recently in the land of the rising sun, capture the amazing memories of this special country in a gift that reflects some of Japan’s most famous customs. A beautifully hand painted traditional tea set of the style used in the classic Japanese tea ceremonies would be a wonderful reminder of your stay and a talking point whenever it was used for many years to come. Alternatively, a piece of Japanese art or calligraphy is sure to be appreciated and could take pride of place in her home forever.

Capturing the Sea

Unique Travel Inspired Gifts

Have you recently returned from the pleasure of enjoying a Caribbean beach resort? Then give her a gift that helps her to recall the relaxation and peace of this delightful vacation with a beach or sea themed gift. A pendant or pair of earrings featuring a shell, starfish or dolphin will represent your travel to these exotic climes, or even better, a small bottle containing sand from your favourite beach is a keepsake that she will treasure forever as the ultimate memento of your special holiday in the sun.


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