Make the Most of Your UK Staycation

For such a small island, the UK is full of so many beautiful spots. Staycations are set to be popular this year so it’s important to get looking and booking. We’ve put together a list of helpful hints for how you can make the most of your summer staycation.

Particularly Popular

With the country in a lockdown and it being unclear as to when abroad travel will be allowed again, Brits are opting to choose staycations this summer. Caravan sites and holiday homes are being booked up. As well as different travel sites across the country, from cottages and cabins to campsites and canal boats. Lots of people in the UK are using this summer as a time to discover places that aren’t normally on the radar. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to pick from.

Pick a Place

Cotswolds England

It can be difficult choosing where to go. Ask yourself what you want from this holiday. Do you want to use it as a chance to switch-off from the rest of the world? Or perhaps you’ll want to explore a city you’ve never been to. Maybe you’re just craving some fresh, ocean air. The UK is home to world-renowned landscapes and cities. Pick a place which you think you’ll get the most out of.

Embrace Quirks

The UK is such a unique country. There is a fantastic mixture of history, charm, and culture. So why not embrace this during your staycation? There are lots of unusual places you could stay in. Castles by the sea, a converted bus stop, and even a state-of-the-art conker. (Yes you did read that right.) There are accommodation spots which let you get away from the crowd and make the most of your holiday.


Once you’ve booked the right place, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Make life easier for yourself by writing a travel checklist. As we know, the UK can have pretty temperamental weather so make sure your suitcase is prepared for the elements. Layers for a cool evening, sunscreen, and a rain jacket. Pack some books and any gadgets you might want to bring. A joy of travelling in the UK is you don’t need to worry about adapters, travel documents, or converting currency.

Fun Activities

When you’re at your destination, research the local area and see what you can do. Whether it’s discovering a good brunch spot or simply a picturesque beach – take the time to uncover some gems. If you need a helping hand with this, there’s plenty of inspiration online.

Please note before travelling to be aware and follow the government guidelines in place. Hopefully, domestic trips can go ahead this summer, and you can take a well-deserved break. Do you have any travel plans for the summer?


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