The Most Beautiful And Romantic Places In England For You And Your Other Half

As a couple, it might be really hard to decide on the most beautiful place in England, especially if you know how incredibly beautiful can they be. If your other half is a real romantic soul, try taking them to one of the romantic getaways in England, these are always breathtakingly beautiful and it will surely be a surprise to remember! However, if you are up for some serious exploring and an irreplaceable memory, check out the best countryside in England. Whatever place you pick, we are sure you are going to have a great time, especially if it is with the right person!

  1. The Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds, Romantic Places in England

The Cotswold is known to be one of the most romantic places for many couples, it is a perfect place to visit for Valentine’s day or just a break from the everyday problems. Experience some true romance walking through the picturesque Cotswolds countryside, as beautiful as it is, there is no way you will be disappointed. If you are planning to stay, do not worry, there is plenty of luxurious romantic hotels featuring romantic beds and breakfasts! To make things even better, Cotswolds dining experiences have gotten up in ranks, there are various award-winning romantic restaurants you can visit, country inns and of course, hotels filled with great culinary delights.

  1. St Ives, Cornwall, England

Cornwall is great for exploration and while St Ives seems like a small place, it is actually incredibly beautiful. St Ives is the best surfing spot surrounded by other four breathtakingly beautiful sandy beaches, to make it even better, St Ives also boasts an amazing food scene and will turn to be a great place to stay and explore the rest of what Cornwall offers. If you want to go hiking, take a part in surfing competition, enjoy nature, eat the worlds famous burger or try and eat gluten-free food, St Ives is a perfect place for you and your other half!

  1. Bath, England

Bath one of the most romantic cities in England

Made for relaxation and pleasure, Bath has always been a wellbeing destination, even since Roman times. Bath is a visitor-friendly place offering great spa treatment, finest independent shops in Britain, great food, drinks and year-round festivals related to music, theatre, and many sports! Bath is a special place in England featuring a remarkable collection of multiple museums and galleries too, for the art lovers of course! If you are bored of the city, there is still a lot of things to see beyond the city, the stunning Somerset countryside, and attractions such as Stonehenge, Longleat Safari Park, and Avebury! Staying in Bath is easy, there are many choices starting from luxurious hotels and Georgian guesthouses, country cottages and even chic apartments.

  1. Peak District, England

Peak District is a perfect choice for those willing to do many things. As beautiful and inspiring as it is the Peak District landscapes will surely leave you both speechless! In case you didn’t know, the Peak District is home to Britain’s first and the world’s second National Park. If you are looking to hide away from the stress, loud neighbors and repetitive work, visit Peak District, there is a reason it is known and well loved by millions of people out there!

  1. Durdle Door, Dorset, England

Durdle Door is putting people in the mood for love, located behind the Isle of Skye fairy pools and the city of Bath, Durdle Door seems to be one of the most romantic places in England! If you are looking for a great proposing spot, Durdle Door might be what you need! Currently, Durdle Door is a family member of natural wonders of the world and it is attracting many people around. Oh and yes! If you do visit Durdle Door, make sure you take many pictures. Durdle Door pictures seem to be really popular, why not show some of your photography skills?!

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