Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Your Wedding 

Getting married is a huge (and costly) undertaking. There are, however, ways to save money on your wedding, meaning you can decrease your costs and put the money elsewhere, such as starting a family.

One popular means of saving money on your wedding is to have a destination wedding instead. While this may sound expensive, destination weddings usually include packages, and because you are already abroad, can also be your honeymoon. Plus, because it is not in your home country, the guest list will most likely be smaller.
destination wedding

If you’re considering a destination wedding, consider the following tips:

  • Plan in Advance – make plans early and you’ll be able to take advantage of a range of early bird deals. When you make your reservations you’re locked into the price, even if they increase by the time your wedding date comes around.  
  • Choose Off-Peak – if you decide to hold your wedding during the off-peak season you’ll save a packet. Holiday weekends, such as Halloween, Fourth of July, and Mother’s Day are also worth looking at as far fewer people tend to travel at these times. You might find some resorts offering amazing deals. You might also want to consider holding the ceremony in the middle of the week rather than the weekend.   
  • Use Local Vendors – if you were getting married at home you’d probably choose to use local vendors, and why should it be any different if you’re getting married overseas? A wedding planner will be able to make this much easier.  
  • Go All-Inclusive – if you’re thinking this is a more expensive option, you’ll be surprised how much money you can save. The complete wedding package is going to be provided for one flat rate. There may also be concessions and promotions, potentially saving you thousands more.  
  • Choose a Popular Location – you might find some great deals if you look at the most popular locations for your destination wedding. Some of the most affordable places include Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. You’ll find a host of all-inclusive resorts as well as vacation rental homes.  
  • No Gifts – this is a way of helping your guests save money. You might also consider ditching the idea of a bridal shower and an engagement party.  
  • Look for a Wedding Planner Option – when it comes to planning a destination wedding, there is the option of making all the arrangements yourself. It will, however, be much easier if you use the services of a wedding planner. You’ll find them at most resorts including Jamaica wedding planners. As well as helping you with the details of your wedding, they’ll be able to advise guests, help with their travel plans and take care of all the logistics.  
  • Ask About Group Savings – you’ll find a number of resorts offer discounts for bookings made as a group. If your wedding party is on the large side, it’s certainly worth asking about discounts. Discounts could be offered on rooms, activities, transportation, and dining.  
  • Keep the Guest List Small – you’d be surprised how much that one extra guest adds to the cost of your wedding. Check your list and make sure the guests you’ve invited are only the most important to you and your spouse.


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