9 Best Travel Benefits of Flying Your Own Plane

When you come across social media posts about celebrities flying on their private jets, you may ask yourself about the benefits that flying private has to offer. The private airplane business has grown, and now regular folks can afford it too. While flying private is certainly not for everyone, many people often find it difficult to fly on commercial plans now more than ever.

From crowded cabins to little comfort, there are many reasons why commercial flights have lost touch among many people. Private planes offer an alternative that guaranties convenience, luxury and privacy you cannot find in commercial planes. Here are some reasons why you should consider flying your own plane, whether you are traveling for business or going on vacation.

  1. Save Time

Commercial flights are often hectic. You have to deal with long security lines, long hours of flight time and layovers that eat into your valuable time, and crowded airports. Flying on commercial planes can help you save money. However, you need to give up a few more extra hours that you would have used to get something more meaningful done.

If you own a private plane, you can skip all these. You sit back and enjoy the luxury your plane has to offer without wasting any valuable time. You could be wheeled up in as little as fifteen minutes after getting to the airport. On the flip side, a regular plane usually makes you wait for about two hours. If you go for a private jet instead of a commercial airline, you could save around two hours per flight on average.

  1. Better Work Efficiency

Let’s be honest; most people flying on private planes are often traveling for business which is why private flying is sometimes referred to as business flying. As a workaholic, you want to get things fast and with as little interruption as possible. Commercial flights don’t allow you this luxury. Whether you are traveling to attend a meeting, assess other businesses, or just want to take some time away from distractions, private flying offers a great level of efficiency and comfort which are both invaluable if you want to stay productive during your flight.

Private planes are also quiet and private providing the perfect space for you to hold meetings and get work done. They also ensure that you get to your destination fast so you can cut on the downtime and have enough room to tweak your schedule as needed.

  1. Comfort and Luxury

Private planes allow you to access more space and better amenities than commercial flights would. You don’t have to deal with a small seat and limited leg room hoping to get to our destination faster. Private plans are the perfect place for you to relax and unwind while on the move. You can even move around and stretch during long flights. This can help you prevent travel-related injuries.

If you are a noisy sleeper, you don’t have to worry about the person sleeping next to you. You can sleep soundly and in comfort during the flight or spend some quality time with your loved ones when traveling together. You can also take advantage of the inflight minibar or the diverse catering options. The comfort options you choose depend on your budget and preferences.

  1. Access to More Airports

If you choose to fly on a commercial plane, your destinations are limited by the size of an airport and its location. Private planes can fly into small airports you would, other, not access with commercial airlines.

You can land at airstrips with shorter runways without worrying about commercial flight regulations. You can fly more conveniently and efficiently as you can choose the most suitable airport depending on your destination. You can land closer to your destination hence saving even more time.

  1. Privacy

Most people who fly their own planes are often business executives but you don’t have to be one to enjoy the benefits they have to offer. You can also get your own private jet if you value your privacy. You don’t know who booked the seat next to you when flying on a commercial plane. Anyone can listen to your conversations and see what you are working on. Some passengers can also be rowdy, making it impossible to stay productive. Some people also don’t like being noticed in public.

Private planes are the only way you can guarantee your privacy when traveling. You can avoid the middle seat that so many hate during long haul flights and enjoy any comfortable seat in your plane with only people you want sitting next to you.

  1. Convenience

If you have had to schedule a last minute flight, you know it can be a nightmare when flying commercial. Making a reservation is expensive and even then, you have no guarantees about getting a seat. Unlike commercial planes, private jet charters don’t have to adjust prices to make more money. Companies like DoubleDay allow you to charter private planes for affordable prices if you cannot afford to buy one. This method allows you to plan your flight whenever you want. You can fly to a meeting and ensure you’re back at the office before the workday ends.

  1. Flexible Baggage Restrictions

For those of you who love bringing a bunch of gear or doing activities needing big stuff like surfboards, private jets have awesome baggage rules. They’re way more chill about size and weight compared to commercial airlines. Imagine, a regular airline might make you pay more just for bringing a simple golf bag. Private planes also offer peace of mind because your luggage is totally safe. You talk directly to the flight crew, so the chances of losing anything are really low.

  1. Safety

Traveling by air is generally the safest option. However, the few recorded cases of plane accidents have often had fatal outcomes. Private flying takes flight safety to the next level. Private planes can reach cruising attitudes well above bad weather and turbulence allowing you to enjoy smoother flights.

They have to adhere to strict FAA safety standards with many providers looking to exceed the standards to guarantee the safety of the flight crew and customers. If you own your private jet, you get to handle all the necessary maintenance to ensure that it is in good condition even for long flights. Hygiene is also an added advantage.

  1. Culinary Delights

There are many reasons people fly with commercial airlines but food quality is not one of them. On a private plane, you are free to choose the meal you’d like to have during your flight and what drinks you’d like served. You also get to choose snacks and appetizers you actually enjoy.


Flying your own plane has always been seen as a sign of luxury and wealth. While they have become affordable, they still maintain this status. Flying private can make the difference between enjoying your flight experience and having a nightmare. Remember, you can fly private for any reason so make sure you give it a try.


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