5 Common misconceptions about private jets

When it comes to travelling in luxury, private jets have numerous advantages compared to commercial flights, all related to your comfort, style and convenience. However, there are many myths surrounding this travel method, which may defer some holiday-makers from considering this option as a way to elevate their luxury travel experience. So, below, we debunk 5 of the most common misconceptions about private jets.

private jet

They are difficult to book

A lot of people seem to think that, in order to book a private jet, you must have a network of connections with certain businesses or pilots. This is by no means the truth, since they are actually fairly easy and simple to book. There are various online websites that can be used specifically for this purpose.

Booking a private jet via JetApp, for instance, is as easy as booking any commercial flight – you simply type in your location, desired destination, date and time, after which you get presented with a number of aircraft options. Once you pick your preferred option, the company will reach out to you regarding your booking and further details.

Only millionaires can afford them

The idea that only millionaires can afford private air travel derives from two key misconceptions. First of all, some people think that you must own a private jet in order to use one. While there are some well-known celebrities who are rich enough to own and maintain their own private jets, the majority only hire them if and when they need to.

Secondly, the cost of travelling via a private jet is not quite as huge as some people seem to think. Of course, it’s by no means cheap or affordable for an average traveller. However, the price highly depends on the size and type of the aircraft – it could be around $1,200 per hour for a small one.

The airport security process is the same

The question of how airport security works is one of the private jet FAQs that sometimes creates the wrong idea in people’s minds. The short answer is no – the security is not the same for private jets as it is for commercial flights. One of the main advantages of flying private is that you can show up at the airport just before your flight, skipping the long queues. Typically, airports will have separate VIP areas for those flying via private jets, which is where the security screenings take place, which tend to be much more personal and quicker too.

They are not as safe as commercial flights

Air travel is by far the safest mode of transport and, whether that is done with a commercial or private flight does not make much of a difference. Just like commercial planes, private jets are following strict safety and security standards, they are maintained extremely well and piloted by only experienced professionals.

Private jets are slower

Another misconception about private jets is that they are slower than an average commercial plane due to them being much smaller in size. While it may be true that the larger aircrafts may have a higher capacity of speed, this isn’t necessarily always the case. If you think about the bigger picture, travelling via private jets can save you lots of time avoiding the long airport queues, waiting for other passengers to board the plane as well as other delays caused by the airlines. This can overall add up to a quicker journey, even if your aircraft is technically flying at a slower speed.

Final word

All in all, travelling in luxury is not quite as difficult or inaccessible as a lot of people think based on the myths we’ve just debunked. There is a wide range of travellers who choose the comfort of private jets, not only celebrities and millionaires.


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