How Does Jet Card Membership Work and Its Benefits?

If you are fascinated by the private aviation industry, you may also be looking for the best cost-effective ways to hire and use private jets.


You can choose to rent a private charter for business, leisure, or an emergency trip. Owning a jet card membership will give you a wide range of benefits and travel options for flying in a private airplane.

What is a Jet Card?


Buying a jet card is the best choice for a frequent private traveler. A private membership card is given by an aviation services company or a charter broker.

A traveler can buy a prepaid card for predetermined hours of flight time. An entry-level jet card is between 10-25 hours of travel time.

The costs of the cards vary according to different aviation companies. Companies charge the trips on a per-hour basis. The charges are either fixed or dynamic according to market prices.

You can select a jet card membership if you wish to travel on-demand and avoid the formal documentation process each time you book a private jet.

Some common types of Jet Card

  • Standard chartered-based card
  • Jet cards based on travel distance
  • Dynamic-priced jet cards
  • Fixed-rate cards
  • Jet cards based on seat availability
  • Jet cards for a fleet of private jets

When you opt for a jet card membership, private aviation companies add Federal Excise Tax (FET), passenger taxes, and facility charges. They also provide add-on services like a limousine for pick-up, and drop food catering and entertainment during your private flight journey.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Jet Card Membership Program


The ten largest US charter and fractional operators accounted for 23.2 percent of total business aviation flight hours in 2020. The statistics show that more people are leaning towards the option of flying on a private charter than a commercial flight.

Although private flights are expensive, you can avail of many benefits with a jet card membership program.

Fixed Hourly Rates

You can buy a card with fixed hourly rates for your preferred type of aircraft. Private aviation companies also allow you to upgrade or downgrade your airplane category for zero penalties easily.

You can choose from flexible subscription options and customize the membership program accordingly.

Fast and Effective Airplane Service

With a jet card membership, you can avail faster booking service for your choice of a private jet. Expert customer service representatives in reputed aviation companies will make your chartering process simpler and faster.

Jet card members can also avail first-class chauffeur services for airport arrivals and departures.

No Hidden Charges

When you enroll for a jet card membership program, aviation companies do not charge upfront processing fees or fuel surcharges. The program is offered as an all-inclusive package. They will also guide you to predict your yearly travel dates and expenses and help you choose the best suitable option.

Increased Changes of Free Upgradation

Most of the jet card members are upgraded to bigger aircraft due to operational reasons free of cost. They are given the first preference over non-members.

Guaranteed Flight Availability

Jet card members do not have to worry about flight delays or private aircraft unavailability. They have guaranteed access to the selected range of airplanes throughout the year.

No Expiration Date

Jet card membership hours do not have an expiry date. They are carried forward monthly or annually when you renew your membership.  Some companies also give an option to transfer your pending hours to another account.

One-way Rates

The biggest benefit of a jet card membership is availing of a fixed-rate service area. Companies offer one-way rates for a primary service location for zero repositioning fees.

Discounts and Reward Points

Most jet card membership programs offer a 15 percent discount on round-trip flights or for booking in advance.

Some companies also offer free hours for new member registrations. It is advisable to check and compare the perks provided by leading aviation companies in the US.

Multiple Aircraft Access

You and your family members might travel to different places at the same time. Owning a jet card allows you access to multiple aircraft for an exact time of travel.

Easy Cancellation Policy

Jet cardmembers have the option for free cancellation before a set time limit.

Final Words

Some aviation companies offer jet cardholders unique benefits like access to personalized mobile apps. A jet card membership program entitles you to get the premium and best in-flight service.

You can book the most luxurious private jet with all the amenities at discounted rates with a jet card in hand. The aviation company will prioritize flights during peak hours and holiday seasons.