Reasons to Try Jet Card Membership Program

While charting a private jet offers increased flexibility, productivity and privacy, it epitomizes your high reputation and the aspiration to fly sophisticatedly. And whether you wish to land in a private airport terminal or travel with your pet, you can try out the lucrative membership programs that reputable companies offer. All you need to do is purchase their jet card, and rest assured you will have all your travelling fancies and desires covered.

Jet cards work on the same lines as debit cards; they require only a minimum sum deposit. You can spend the money saved on your travel in a luxurious private jet. Here are the top reasons to try such membership programs that allow you to overcome the complications of booking a private charter.

You Can Travel on Your Terms

You will find such memberships very handy if you don’t wish to travel as per scheduled flight timings and head to the airport three hours earlier.

Reputed companies guarantee that your aircraft will be available with as little as 3 hours’ notice once you have a membership. Thus, you get the flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes in your travel plans.

You Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Private Jet, Hassle-free

If you are a frequent flyer, you would wish for a sophisticated flying experience with exceptional safety and convenience. However, when it comes to owning a private jet, it would be a financial burden, and you would have an additional responsibility of managing it.

But, with a jet card membership program, you can enjoy the benefits of travelling on a private jet without worrying about any management aspects associated with it.

You Don’t Need to Deal with Quotes and Invoices

Once you have the membership, you need to make only one up-front payment; you need not spend time reviewing the cumbersome quotes or paying your invoices.

You could also choose your preferred jet class category and pay the corresponding hourly rate. You will find various flight options, from Turboprop, Midsize Jets to Heavy Jets, in the fee range of $3k to $11k. You can make these payments and not worry about the various components of the invoice.

You Need Not Worry About Fluctuating Aviation Costs

A membership program allows you to manage your flying costs, and as these come at fixed rates, you can predict your budget well in advance. Top firms offer fixed packages, such as $50k, $100k or $500k. These schemes include aspects like fuel surcharge, peak day premium and free jet class upgrade.

With rates locked, you need not worry about fluctuating market-influenced aviation costs; the only aspect to consider is how much you pay by the hour on the flight. Typically, such programs provide a comfortable hourly pay service, with no hidden charges.

You Get Excellent Customer Service

You can avail of the around-the-clock customer service; they personalize your flight experience, even before making a request.

They offer unique services, best suitable for your tailor-made private jet travel preferences. From taking care of even the smallest detail to catering to your last-minute requests, the customer service team manages every aspect sophisticatedly.

You Can Receive the Ultimate Travel Benefits

While you get a flying experience exceeding your expectation, a jet card membership program can make your trip rewarding. You can avail the best travel benefits, from class upgrades to catering allowance.

Moreover, industry leaders offer memberships that are non-expiring and with permanent upgrade eligibility.

The Membership Programs Ensure High Levels of Safety

Leading agencies adhere to the industry safety standards, with WYVERN safety documents and ARG/US TripCHEQ audit records. They ensure no flights leave without a strict safety check and updated maintenance records.

A membership program ensures you get certified for your safety. The specialists check every safety aspect from the time you board the flight till it lands, thus giving value for the fee you pay for your membership.

You Can Experience an Unrivalled Flight Travel

When you apply for a premium membership with a reputable concern, they transform your private flying experience, setting the bars higher than the industry level. The rates you pay cater to all your travel needs and mitigate every potential issue while ensuring utmost safety.

Leading aviation industry consultants set higher flying standards, ensuring you have an unmatched flight travel experience.

Final Words

With a private jet, you can land as close to your destination as possible, even the more remote places, and will have access to better in-flight services.

And jet cards offer a level of consistency in such services, and they are convenient to use. They offer fixed flight hours packages; the seasonality of flight fares don’t affect the membership programs.

Consult a leading flight company and check out their jet card membership programs for their services and package costs to find the best match for your flight travel routine.


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