Travel Anxiety Tips from a Trusted Counselor

Travel anxiety is often associated with people who don’t like traveling, but this is not always true. Some of the people who yearn to explore different destinations suffer from travel anxiety because they are nervous that something is going to go wrong. Anyone can experience travel anxiety, whether you are traveling for the first or the one hundredth time. For professional guidance on how to manage travel anxiety, you can read up on more information from Well Beings Counselling.

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Identify your fears

Travel anxiety comes in many forms, and for you to find a solution, you need to identify what makes you anxious. Is it a fear of flying, leaving your home, or the stress of planning your journey? If you are feeling anxious but cannot explain why you are tense, write down your thoughts whenever you are planning a trip

Sometimes the fears you are experiencing may seem too logical for you to evaluate. For instance, your travel anxiety may come from worrying about your pets, plants or the security of your home when you are gone. Once you identify the source of your concerns, it is easy to find a solution, like a Phobiaman fear of flying treatment or simply asking a friend to stay at your home while you are away.

Stop procrastinating

One of the signs of travel anxiety is avoiding everything to do with a journey. This includes not buying the ticket, delaying to pack, or even pushing back the travel date. Some people use the excuse that they are last-minute packers when, in essence, they are experiencing travel anxiety.

Pushing back your vacation date simply means you’ll be doing this every time you need to travel. Confront your fears by making sure you can’t get out of whatever plans you have made. Book the ticket, make arrangements for the care of your plants and pets, and start packing! The only way to keep yourself from falling in the avoidance trap is by facing your fears.

Find a distraction during the journey

Now that you know the reason behind your travel anxiety, it will be easier for you to find something to keep you distracted during the journey. For example, if you avoid flying because you are scared of turbulence, find something you enjoy doing to keep you from thinking the plane is going to crash. You can choose to read a captivating book or watch a movie that will keep you distracted even when the flight gets a little bumpy.

Travel for leisure

The best way to overcome travel anxiety is by planning an empty vacation instead of waiting until you have no choice but to travel. It would help if you got used to the idea of travelling before you find yourself in a situation that will compel you to go on a journey you dread. Plan a trip where you will be under no pressure. Instead of a physically engaging vacation, plan one where you will spend much of the time relaxing. Doing something you enjoy may help you overcome the anxiety since you’ll have something to look forward to when you travel.

As you take steps to overcome travel anxiety, it is essential to note that you should aim to reduce your overall anxiety. Once you manage the stress triggers in your life, you’ll have an easier time overcoming your fears.


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