Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Sights: The Top Traveling Apps for 2017 and Beyond

In an extensive survey of 31,000 people spanning 134 different countries, 88% reported having traveled overseas up to three times a year, with the majority of 18-30 year olds now choosing cultural factors to be their main motivator above party atmospheres.

This suggests that traveling amongst young people is becoming much more sophisticated than ever before and, with young people being a popular demographic with regard to technology, the app world has certainly responded! So, if you’re a keen traveler looking for some brand new apps to take with you on your 2017 travels, below you’ll find some great options to get started with.


With thousands of flights worldwide being cancelled or delayed every single day, it’s essential to keep up to date in real-time of any upcoming flights you may have scheduled. And that’s where FlightAware comes in.

User-friendly and simple to navigate, FlightAware allows you to track any flight across the world in real-time so you never miss anything with regard to your flight or any other flights you may be watching. Able to send notifications directly to your phone with important travel information relating to your chosen flights, airlines and airports, FlightAware has everything you need to be in-the-know of your flights at all times.

Alarm Clock for Me

Whilst all smartphones these days have an alarm clock, they’re very basic and feature no other extras than simply being a ‘wake-me-up’ alarm. Alarm Clock for Me offers so much more than just a standard alarm clock and is a great app to take with you on any upcoming travel adventures you may have planned.

Traveling schedules are often hectic and spontaneous, so ensuring you go to sleep and wake up at appropriate times is essential to ensure you have enough energy for daytime activities and exploring. Featuring a classic alarm device, this app also boasts an innovative sleep timer that plays white noise or relaxing music to help you get to sleep wherever you are. Also featuring accurate worldwide weather information and the ability to customize your alarm to blast your favorite songs, learn more about this app to discover what else it has to offer for your travels.


Staying connected is essential when traveling, especially when it comes to navigation and keeping in touch with loved ones. And how to most of us stay connected these days? Using WiFi of course!

But, when you’re in a foreign country, finding the nearest WiFi spot can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. Luckily, Wiffinity does all the hard work for you and provides a continuously-updated list of local WiFi networks and accompanying passwords wherever you are.

With traveling becoming more popular and cultural by the year, technology has advanced alongside this trend by producing an array of useful apps specifically designed to enhance the whole traveling experience. So, regardless of whether you’re a long-term or short-term traveler, the above apps are sure to make your time a whole lot easier!


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