The World’s Most Used Translation Apps For Students

Regardless of what subject you may be exploring or what course you are enrolled in as a student, the chances are high that you will encounter something in another language. Since we are living in the global community and often have to use case study writing or world news as the sources of information, the use of various translation apps only increases. There are numerous options, starting with the famous Google Translate to apps like Speak & Translate or TripLingo. Considering that they are offered free of charge and will help in most scenarios, they are truly worth checking for the basic translation tasks!   


The World’s Most Used Translation Apps For Students  

 – Google Translate.  

This translation app needs no introduction as many students use it all the time when they need to translate a webpage or make a purchase in some odd foreign shop. Whether you are looking for gadgets or need to translate subtitles for something found on YouTube, Google Translate can also assist you with pronunciation and handle lots of not-so-common languages. However, if you need to work on a college assignment, it’s always better to consider professional writing assistance. Read reviews at LetsGradeIt before you hire someone to help with your academic work. Talking to an expert, you can improve your writing and proofread it by making sure that every quote, even if it’s a translated one, is placed where it must be!   

– Microsoft Translator.  

It supports over 60 different languages, yet what makes it even better as an app is that it can work offline and implement specific databases. It means that you can add a module that is meant for restaurants, shopping, and spending time at the beach or the airport. It can also handle voice interpretation and process up to 100 people talking, which is great for students working on an international project. As one of the industry’s standards, Microsoft Translator is always upgraded.   

– iTranslate 

Another great option for Android platform users. It supports over 100 languages and also works in the field of speech recognition. It is truly useful for students who travel as the paid version lets you point your camera at restaurant menus or hotel ads and translate them immediately. It also works in the offline mode and offers help with things like transliteration or the history of what you have already translated before. It offers decent voice-to-text and vice versa translations, which can also be good during various charity work or online workshops where exchange students are involved.  

– Speak & Translate.  

If you are an iPhone or Mac user, this translation app is most likely to be already present in your set of helpful tools. As the name implies, it’s one of the best speech recognition tools. It means that when you have to translate what you’ve just said or what a foreigner is telling you, this is the way to go. It can detect the language and change the speed of pronunciation, which is why it’s also a great way to learn. Now, if you need to translate a document or seek localization services, it won’t do the job as it is mostly oriented to work with the speech. It has certain limitations for daily use, yet it’s free and works well otherwise!   

– Naver Papago Translate.  

Although it was meant for the translation of Asian languages in the beginning, this amazing app supports 13 different languages these days. It is offered freely and provides extensive dictionary and image translation features. It also provides things like currency translation and the offline mode that do not cut the majority of existing features. Even if you are a middle school student, you will find it useful as it also offers a version for kids with various educational and child-friendly features as one learns.   

Great Travel and Study Options  

It is not a secret that the majority of translation apps for students these days are also meant for traveling purposes. You can easily travel and study at the same time, even if it’s done locally, as there are many things that one can explore in the United States. Since most university and college courses these days are presented in a hybrid form, one can adjust the learning schedule and consider spending more time outside or simply studying in picturesque locations. When you decide to learn a foreign language or travel abroad, translation apps will help you achieve success and learn the basic phrases that will make your travels memorable.  


Charlotte Banks has been an educator and skilled linguist all over the world. Turning to her educational background and passion for culture and technology, she seeks the most efficient solutions as she comes up with helpful ideas. Follow Charlotte to review all the latest trends and learn.  


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