10 simple tips to help a student save money on living in the Czech Republic

Student life abroad always raises the question of proper allocation of your budget, because you want to save money for recreation and entertainment. Moreover, the first year of study in another country is spent on adapting to independent life.

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Most often, coming to study in the Czech Republic, students immediately spend a lot of money to buy things for everyday life. Expenses can stretch the pocket if you do not know the prices and places where you can buy cheaper. If you need some educational help, then service can help with essay EssayAssistant or else. We will give some simple tips to help you ‘navigate the terrain’ and properly allocate your budget.

Let’s go…

‘A plan is nothing, planning is everything’. Get in the habit of planning and prioritizing your expenses. Make shopping lists before you go to the supermarket, add up prices on a calculator when you shop to stay on budget, keep track of how much you spend per month and on what, keep track of discounts, and compare prices.

Groceries. Supermarket chains in the Czech Republic are Tesco, Lidl, Albert, Billa, Kaufland, Globus, Delmart. Prices for packaged products are comparable with Ukrainian prices, but for fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, cheeses are a little higher. In small Vietnamese stores (Vietnamské večerky) prices will be much higher. They help when you need to buy something urgently.

There is a large Vietnamese market SAPA on the edge of Prague. You can get there by metro to Kacerov station and then take bus 113 or 331 to Sídliště Písnice stop. The market has everything from groceries to appliances and is much cheaper than the stores. You can also eat inexpensive Vietnamese food there. It is best to go to the market at the weekend. Payment in cash. The market is also open on holidays.

ISIC – and irreplaceable student card in the European Union. You can get it for a year while studying and then it will be issued to you at the university. ISIC allows students to travel, shop, go to cafes, gyms, cinemas, and museums at great discounts. More information is available on the official website isic.cz

Promotions and discounts. You can track promotions on products of supermarkets, electronics stores, pharmacies, furniture stores, clothing, and footwear in Moje Letáky. Download the application on your smartphone. Students are helped by the familiar discount coupons for entertainment, cafes, and stores – slevomat.cz

Big sales in Czech stores, like throughout Europe, take place in winter in December and January and summer in July. Discounts can reach 70%.

Medicines. In the Czech Republic to be ill is expensive. Bring a first-aid kit with everything you need, taking into account the peculiarities of your body. It is better to buy drugs in the Czech Republic online – they will be cheaper there. Remember that many drugs require a prescription, and advice on what to buy in the Czech pharmacy is not given. For this, if necessary, you have to contact your insurance doctor. Familiarize yourself carefully with its terms before your trip to the Czech Republic.

Transport. All Czech students have a travel card for all modes of transport – Lítačka. It costs only 260 CZK (10 €) per month. In comparison, a 72-hour transport pass costs 310 CZK (12 EUR). So Czechs buy a pass for a month or a year. And short-term tickets are used mainly by tourists.

Furniture and household appliances. Among students are popular flea markets, the most popular is icizinec VK. There you can buy the necessary things at a very favorable price. Or even rent an apartment.

Mobile communications and the Internet. Czech mobile operators provide special rates for students. They help you save up to 500 CZK per month.

Cafes. If you don’t have time to cook at home, you can have lunch at student cafes. A three-course meal costs about 8€.

Travel. Studying in the Czech Republic is an ideal time to travel. In addition, the best museums of the Czech Republic and other EU countries offer discounts for students, and sometimes their visit is completely free. Traveling around Europe is cheapest by bus. Discounts for students are offered by Regiojet and Student Agency. In action, they can buy a ticket for just a couple of euros. No less advantageous you can use the services of low-cost airlines Ryanair, Wizzair, Vueling, etc.

How to live a student to have enough for everything?

Make a budget for the month and write down your major expenses (courses, accommodation, meals, transportation, internet, etc.).

Install an app that helps you keep track of your expenses.

Leave a reserve for emergencies (fines, illness, laptop breakdown, etc.) and paperwork and translations.

Be active, inquisitive, open-minded, talk to people who have lived in the Czech Republic for a long time, and you’ll quickly feel at ease.


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