Stop Middling And Get to The Middle East

There is so much on offer in the Middle East and yet so many of rarely go, or even consider going. It’s madness. There are mountain ranges, gorgeous seas, some of the most staggering sites of ancient history and incredible weather. What’s more, it is possibly one of the richest places in the world when it comes to untouched natural beauty. So why you still won’t consider it is beyond me. That’s why I have come up with a few of the best, and safest, places you can take a long-haul flight to and explore.

egypt reasons to visit middle east
This gorgeous place had a bad time last year, but that shouldn’t see you scrawl it off your list. France had a bad time, London’s had a run of it, America is the worst, yet these places are still considered safe destinations. So why not take a 10-day tour of Egypt and have your breath snatched from you by all there is to see and do there. Just think about it, there is the River Nile, the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, all of which are stunning, places that no photo can ever truly capture. Stay in one of the vibrant cities, get a guide and go and see this country, explore it and smile.

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Over the past few years the world has begun to take more and more notice of Qatar as a holiday destination. Whether that has anything to do with the FIFA world cup, which will be hosted by this nation in 5 years time, we’re not sure. However, it is much more likely to do with the staggeringly long coastline that slopes into some of the most azure waters you will ever see. But it isn’t just beaches and modern skyscrapers that you will see, because this place is incredibly rich in it’s own culture. There are traditional marketplaces that you can walk through and buy from; there are the breathtaking villages of Souq and Katara; and there is the world famous Museum of Islamic Art that will open your eyes to a whole new universe. Oh, and if that isn’t enough to persuade you, there is also camel racing to enjoy.

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Dubai Reasons to visit Middle East
This is the jewel of the Middle East. It is mindblowing. It is rich, big, powerful, modern, safe and full of some of the worlds most impossible attractions. Don’t know what to do in Dubai, well here’s a brief list that barely scratches the surface of the impressive place. There is the Dubai Fountain that dances and wows every single night, drawing crowds of awe-inspired people who simply stare in disbelief. Of course, there is the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (it has 180 floors, 180!), and the Dubai’s mega mall which you could spend about 2 weeks in and still not see everything. They even have a snow dome in the desert. It is the epitome of luxury. Things you didn’t know were humanly possible can be found in Dubai, and that is why it is one of those places everyone should visit. If nothing else, you’ll be impressed by human ability and what can be engineered. Read:  3 Days in Dubai Itinerary


Stop Middling And Get to The Middle East: Muscat

Oman is one of the safest and most popular countries in the Middle East. Enjoy beautiful scenery from desert to wadi (dry gorges).  Make sure to also visit Muscat (the capital city) and check out The Grand Mosque. For more information on Muscat see How to spend 48 hours in Muscat, Oman.


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  1. The Egyptian Red Sea coast is well worth a visit right now. Unfortunately, the region has been pretty hard hit with terrorism fears and tourists being scared away.

    That does mean the prices are low and the resorts are empty.

    All the more relaxing.

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