Top 3 theme parks in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands is home to some of the oldest theme parks in Europe, from tropical water parks to fairy tale wonderlands. Since Holland is such a fantastic family holiday destination, we’ve decided to write about our very favourite Dutch theme parks. It was pretty hard to narrow it down, but we just about managed. Read on and find out why Duinrell, Efteling and Slagharen made the final cut.  


Top 3 theme parks in the Netherlands Duinrell

Everyone who has visited Holland will have heard about Duinrell, one of the most popular and affordable theme parks in Europe. Situated in between the beach, the historic city of Wassenaar and the richly-wooded forest, Duinrell really has it all. The theme park itself boasts almost 2 kilometres of water slides, more than 30 attractions and wonderful live shows. The Tiki Pool is one of the park’s main attractions, featuring 16 main water slides and a brand new Water Park Playa for kids.   

Besides the famous Tiki Pool, Duinrell holiday park has excellent accommodations and facilities to suit a variety of budgets and family sizes. There are various Duingalows, each featuring lovely garden spaces to enjoy a big BBQ or a cup of coffee in the morning. The surrounding woodlands are perfect for a morning walk or an afternoon hike. When you book your accommodation through HolidayParkSpecials, you’ll receive unlimited entry to Duinrell theme park.  


Top 3 theme parks in the Netherlands Efteling

Every Dutch adult will think of the Efteling with childlike wonder. The park is actually older than Disneyland, and rumour has it that Walt was inspired by a visit to Efteling, but this has never been officially confirmed. The park is built in a magical fairyland style with a strong focus on storytelling. It’s hard not to become completely immersed in fantasy while you’re at Efteling. Get lost in the world of narrative at the Fairytale Forest or one of the theatre shows, with fire breathing dragons and live horses.  

Efteling has two holiday parks: Efteling Bosrijk and Efteling Loonsche Land. Efteling Village Bosrijk is the older park, with luxurious, fairytale themed accommodations in the middle of the forest. Some accommodations feature saunas and Jacuzzis and the finishing touches are always taken care of. Efteling Village Loonsche Land offers simple and cosy holiday houses made entirely from natural materials, making you feel at one with the surroundings. Both holiday villages are a short walk from the theme park.   For more information see this Introduction guide to the Efteling.


Top 3 theme parks in the Netherlands slagharen

Slagharen is the place to be for cowboys and cowgirls world over. Located in the stunning Vecht Valley of the Overijssel in Holland, the park and resort boasts over 30 attractions, 2 swimming pools, treasure hunts, arts and crafts, miles of hiking and biking trails and incredible themed accommodations. The family entertainment makes Slagharen unique, including live music, dancing, karaoke and nightly talent shows. The indoor water park is filled with rides and attractions, and the whole family can learn to dance like at the Western Parade! 

The accommodations are cosy and kitted out with authentic western decorations. Wigwam tents are also available for those wanting to experience something a little different! The six themes of Slagharen are: Mexican, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Jules Adventureland and Wild West. Go explore!  

Theme parks in Holland 

For those of you who want to visit one of the best Dutch theme parks but don’t want to stay there, HolidayParkSpecials has plenty of holiday parks near theme parks, including Efteling, Slagharen and Duinrell. Book a stay now and enjoy a holiday filled with fun, fairytales and family time.  



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