Some Tips for Eating and Drinking in a Rental Car

How many times have you found yourself in this situation: you go out and rent a perfectly good vehicle, only to get hungry all of a sudden? While you’re munching quickly, you make a tiny mistake and end up with a spilled drink in rental car. 

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Sound familiar? Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people around the world find themselves in such a predicament often. Even worse, when you’re taking a long trip, you need to take some time to eat. When you’re in a hurry, you usually need to eat inside. 

So, what should you do when you rent a vehicle? Should you completely avoid beverages and food in rental car or not? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. 

Understanding Rental Car Policies

Before you unwrap your favorite chicken sandwich or pop up a can of Coke, it’s crucial to understand the rental company’s policies. You see, whether you rent a premium car in Palm Beach, Florida, or a camper in Phoenix, Arizona, be aware that there are certain rules you need to abide by after you sign your name on the dotted line. 

Some car services may be lenient, allowing for light snacks and drinks, but many have strict rules against it. A lot of expensive car services don’t allow you to eat or drink anything but water in their car because they don’t want to risk any damage from spills or stains. 

That’s why it’s important to check your rental agreement. See, can you eat in a rental car or not. If you didn’t bother reading the car policy while at the car rental, you can always call the company and ask them about the specifics. Being aware of these guidelines can save you a lot of money from potential damage charges or cleaning fees. 

Choosing the Right Food and Drinks

No matter if you’re after a small two-door or SUV car rental, you need to know how to pick the right food and drinks for your trip. To help you not waste time with trial and error, here are a couple of tips that will point you in the right direction. 

Opt for Non-Messy Snacks

You must pick snacks that are less likely to cause messes than others. Ideally, you should stick to dry snacks like trail mix, granola, or whole fruits. Not only are these snacks clean, but they’re also healthy for your body, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Smart Beverage Selection

Thinking about having a cup of coffee in your freshly-rented Porsche? Think again. If you don’t want to stick with water, you should drink your soft drink or tea from a spill-proof container. Travel mugs are ideal in this situation. Avoid plastic and cardboard cups that can easily tip over and cause a disaster in your rental car. 

Avoid Strong-Smelling Foods

Food smell in car rental companies is a major no-no. For that reason, you must stay away from foods that have strong odors. You don’t want anything pickled, spicy, or fishy in a rented car. Keep the car interior as fresh as possible, especially when you’re renting. 

Preventing Spills, Stains, and Smells

Taking preventive measures goes a long way when it comes to rental cars. Managing potential spills, stains, and smells when eating and drinking is essential. Here are a few

Ventilation for Odor Control

This might sound a bit funny, but it’s a simple piece of advice everyone should follow – proper ventilation is crucial in managing food smells. You should keep the windows open just slightly so fresh air can circulate around the car. After you have a snack, take a few minutes to air out the car and prevent any lingering odors from building up. 

Mindful Eating Practices

Again, this is another piece of advice that seems intuitive. However, most people aren’t mindful of the way they consume food. Many people eat while driving with one hand. Don’t be this guy. Take a break to eat if you’re really hungry. Also, have a napkin in your lap to ensure crumbs don’t fall everywhere. 

Quick Response to Accidents

Spills and falls happen all the time. That’s why you need to prepared for them. Have a small towel ready by your side along with a pack of wet wipes so you can clean up immediately anything that falls on the seats and floor. Quick responsiveness is key to keeping the rental car in tip-top condition. 

Cleaning Tips for Accidental Spills

If anything happens and you end up messing up a rental car, you need to act quickly. Besides having wet wipes and towels around, you should keep a few cleaning supplies in the car in case of emergency. Here are a few cleaning tips for accidental spills.  

Using Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Buy a small cleaning kit, put it in your car, and drive around with it until you return the vehicle. If you have to use the supplies, keep in mind to be gentle. You don’t want to rub and push the spill deeper into the upholstery. 

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Besides rubbing hard, you don’t want to use strong and harsh chemicals in any car, especially the one you don’t own. Compounds like bleach can damage the interior of the car and lead to additional charges from the rental company. Do you know just how much a BMW car seat costs? Too much to risk using these chemicals, that’s how much. 

Seeking Professional Help for Major Spills

Let’s say you rented a Land Rover from RealCar (one of the best renting services in Miami) – which you can do by visiting this link here: https://realcar.miami/brands/land-rover – and for your next trip, you’re traveling with a bunch of friends. If any spillage happens, you need to contact the rental car service right away. They will do the best they can to help you clean up, minimize damage, and cut down on any costs.

In Conclusion

Whether traveling long distances with a couple of your friends or on a short solo trip, you might find yourself starving, craving a snack. Even renting a premium, expensive vehicle doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. You can eat for sure – just as long as you’re careful about it. 

With some thoughtful actions, you won’t have to worry about leaving crumbs all over or having a bad food smell in car rental ever again. Follow the tips we outlined in this article, be mindful of your actions, and you will be alright. 


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