The Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Miami

From intellectually-stimulating to glamorous, Miami provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities for people with all types of interests. With that being said, you don’t want to miss the stellar History Miami and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The shopaholics among you will enjoy some luxury spending at the highly fashionable Coral Gables. If you’re on a family vacation, seek out the Venetian Pool or the Zoo Miami. Or if you want to do something really popular, you can’t miss the sun and sand at Miami Beach.

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You should also check out the other neighborhoods, such as Little Havana and the Design District. And whether you’re looking to go alligator spotting at the Everglades, check out the homes along Millionaires Row, or rent a chartered yacht for a few hours. There are multiple options available to you and you are bound to be busy with activities. If you need some guidance, here’s our top five fun things to do in Miami.

Relax on the Picture-Perfect Beaches

The Miami Beach island is like a different world when compared to the hectic vibe of the city. With beaches more than nine miles long, there’s bound to be something for you from the international South Beach to Lummus Park and its palm-front.

Miami’s beaches show off The Magic City at its best, and whatever else is on your agenda, the beach should be right up there. So go and grab yourself some beach chairs, beach towels, and umbrellas, and relax.

Try out Miami’s Food Scene

There was a time when Miami was only known for its nightlife and beaches. However, its food scene has made quite a name for itself and is now a bona fide attraction. Yes, when it comes to great food cities, there’s Mexico City, Tokyo, and Lisbon. But now, Miami can be added to the list.

While authentic Latino and Cuban cuisine has long been the mainstay of Miami food, now homegrown chefs are the main ones upturning Miami and developing a culinary Mecca. And they’re succeeding too. Innovative new trends and restaurants are on trial here constantly.

To visit the trendiest places, head to Wynwood, Brickelll, and Downtown Miami and look for a line that you’ll see stretching all the way around the block. The locals will tell you which restaurants are the new arrivals and which are their personal favorites.

Rent a Yacht in Miami

With an FYI charter, you could be enjoying a luxury yacht that provides you with a dream come true, from the finest cuisine to some wonderful relaxation time, all with an outstanding captain at the helm to guide your experience.

Hiring a chartered yacht could literally turn a dream into a reality. When you dream about chilling out and having a great time on a yacht in Miami, you probably aren’t the one in the driving seat stressing out over what to do. Well, don’t worry because you’re free to enjoy either a four or an eight hour Miami yacht rental experience while relaxing and having a great time with your friends.

Tour Miami’s Car Parks

Okay, this might sound like an odd one. Of course, car parks are rarely well designed. However, somehow those in Miami have managed to make them an art form and have grown into an opportunity for architects to demonstrate their skills.

While many more may crop up in the future, there are three stand-out car parks that should definitely be on your radar. The Design District’s City View Garage is one to visit, 111 Lincoln Road is one you have to see to believe, and then there’s also 420 South Beach’s Modernist Park.

Ride Through the Everglades

Florida’s Everglades span over 1.5 million acres and covers three counties. It’s also an important part of any bona fide list of things to do in Miami. Whether you take the airboat or go biking, you’re bound to have a great time. When biking through lush, quiet green forests, you can see a lot of endangered species of animals and birds, including alligators and manatees.

Biking is a great way to experience and explore Shark Valley. It’s a natural beauty and great for families with its scenic views and fresh air. The paved path stretches 15 miles and has marshlands on both sides, adding more excitement to the experience. Take a few necessary precautions because there’s no shortage of alligators here. Seeing them at such a close distance is nerve-wrecking.

In Miami Dade, you’ll find great cycling trails. You’ll have no problem renting a bicycle here as well. Such places as Virginia Key, Rickenbacker Trail, Snake Trail, and Oleta River State Park are the cycling places you don’t want to miss.


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