A Quiet Getaway in Nature’s Embrace: 4 Tips for Camping on a Shoestring Budget

Camping started out being simple. Somewhere along the lines, it became glammed up turned into a time to whip out all the latest handy gadgets to help you be as comfortable as possible as in nature. While certain warmth-providing sleeping bags and water resistant clothing is a great (and sometimes necessary) addition to your camping gear, they aren’t always necessary and can rack up the expenses.
Camping on a Shoestring Budget

If you are on a budget and are looking for ways to save on your next camping trip out into nature, take a look at these 4 quick tips.

  1. Be Smart about Where you go and When

If you want to save money, then avoid the holidays (unless, of course, that’s the only time when you can go). Besides the fact that you will miss out on the crowds, you will miss out on the typically higher price tag as well.

Avoid holidays like the Fourth of July, Labour Day and Memorial Day. If you can, try to at least a couple of days after these busy holidays.

If you don’t have kids in school, then you should try to plan your camping trip for a time when school is not out. Furthermore, if you can, you should try to camp during the weekdays as some camping places have higher weekend rates.

This goes without saying but, if you choose a camping place that has amenities like a tennis court, swimming pool, and other nice facilities, then you will end up paying more. So, if you can, try to pick a wilder place where you can be more in tune with nature, and your budget.

  1. Keep the Travel Costs Low

If you are on a budget then you should avoid driving across the country to find a camping spot. Almost every state or area has close camping spots that you could explore and take advantage of.

  1. Choose Dispersed Camping

If you want to get a real camping experience, you should try out dispersed camping. However, be ready to deal with no amenities such as toilets or bathrooms. On the plus side, you will save on camping fees and only have to abide by the rules set out by the local park service.

  1. Save Money On Gear

You can find good quality, used camping gear at reasonable prices if you shop around. Why not look through thrift stores to find your camping pots and pans or other kitchen gear? Another great money saving option (only in the short term) is to rent the equipment. This is a good option for those who want to go camping, but can’t afford the gear. REI offers a rental program in some states, or you could just do a quick search online to find a rental company near to you. If you need a warm sleeping bag but don’t have the budget to buy a winter one, why not buy liners for sleeping bags instead?

Going camping on a budget is easy, you just have to be prepared to bring it back down to the basics- which is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, isn’t that what camping is all about?


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