The Ultimate Costa Rica Bucket List 

When it comes to researching vacation destinations, Costa Rica often crops up in the conversation. With a number of amazing places to see and adrenaline-fuelled activities to participate in, this country really has everything. In many ways, it’s not a question of if you will ever visit Costa Rica but when you will visit it. 

If you’ve decided that the answer to that “when” is “soon”, then there’s no doubt that you’re about to experience the trip of a lifetime!  

The reason Costa Rica is so popular with tourists is because of everything it offers. Whether you’re planning on visiting the buzzing town of Jaco on the coast or the quaint Arenal National Park, there are so many opportunities to experience things you’ve never experienced before and do things you’d never have dreamed about doing! 

But what exactly are these experiences? Everyone has a bucket list in life, but if you had to focus that bucket list on Costa Rica alone, what exactly should be on it?  

Well, to help you out, we’ve compiled our own Costa Rica bucket list, full of the seven best things we think you should experience in the country and why you should experience them: 

Wakeboard Beneath Volcano Arenal 

For us, Costa Rica is just one big waterpark! The best destination in this waterpark, too, is undoubtedly Lake Arenal.  

Sat underneath the looming volcano, Lake Arenal is 33 square miles of clear blue water. Here, the company volcano.cr offers a range of activities, from waterskiing, to wakeboarding, to tubing. Definitely, the best way to take in the sights and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it! 

Spot The Wildlife In Tortuguero National Park 

tree frog costa rica

Did you know that Costa Rica has more than 500,000 species of wildlife, which accounts for nearly 4% of all the species in the world? Well, it does, and you can spot that wildlife everywhere!  

If you want a specific place to take a closer look, however, we think the Tortuguero National Park is your best option. Full of howler monkeys, Amazon kingfishers and loggerhead turtles, this site is essentially the animal capital of the world!  

Experience The Nightlife In Jaco 

But what if you’re a bit of a nightlife lover? What exactly does Costa Rica have to offer in that respect? Jaco, that’s what! The town of Jaco on the west coast is one of the best places to experience a day of activities and then carry on the party into the night.  

It’s also a beach town, and you can’t visit Costa Rica without experiencing at least one of the 300 beaches! 

Relax In The Hot Springs Of Rincon de la Vieja 

When it comes to the ultimate relaxation experience, we think the hot springs of Rincon de la Vieja should definitely be on the bucket list.  

There are a number of reasons why hot springs are beneficial for the body, but they’re also perfect for easing any stresses and soothing your mental state. Definitely worth a go if you want to experience something a bit more calm for a couple of hours. 

Walk The Mistico Hanging Bridges 

Is anyone scared of heights out there? Well, this one is probably not for you. The Mistico hanging bridges near La Fortuna cover 617 acres of Arenal rainforest, some of it at 148 feet!  

This is a great way to experience the rainforest from a different perspective, with even more chances to spot some of the 850 species of bird that live in the country and tick off your Costa Rican bird checklist! 

Stand On Top Of The World At Cerro Chirripo 

The thing about Costa Rica is that, quite simply, it’s beautiful. There’s a reason it was recently voted the most beautiful country in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. The landscape is stunning, the wildlife is plentiful, and the people of Costa Rica have put all their efforts into keeping it sustainable and protected.  

So how best can you experience it, then? By climbing to the top of the tallest mountain and looking down upon the world around you. If you’re going to tick just one thing off this bucket list, then make sure it’s this one… but make sure you tick all the rest off too! 



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