How to Study and Travel at the Same Time

Being a student does not mean you should relegate every other activity that isn’t study-related. Sometimes, you need to travel, try new foods, meet new people, and unwind. You can even get a part-time job that lets you go on work trips, seminars, and conferences.

Sightseeing and traveling while studying are doable, but you need a strategy that keeps you updated with schoolwork without requiring your physical presence. You should also have essays help online services sort out your assignments while on the road.

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Follow these steps to travel and study at the same time without burning out.

Set Out a Plan

Before going on a trip, you need an itinerary and a plan to fit your studies between the journey’s milestones. You should set times for handling assignments according to their due dates so that you do not miss the deadlines.

Sort out your accommodation, food, and transportation costs beforehand to free your time. Also, try to book your flights earlier, since prices may fluctuate unexpectedly. Then make arrangements with a friend or study partner to send you notes and study materials while you are away.

Get Homework Help

Finishing your homework on time can be challenging with or without travel plans. To make the most of your time and avoid that last-minute rush, delegate your assignments to someone else who will deliver quality papers and keep to deadlines.

Many students get professional online essayists to take homework pressure off their backs. This plan could work for you as well.

Have a Study Buddy

Before getting to your travel destination, you could go online to connect with fellow students in that area.

The idea of meeting and connecting with students who share the same discipline underlines your time management skills. You get a broader perspective of things, exchange educational resources, and share ideas through constructive arguments. Since the local students know the area better, they can take you to the library or get you helpful books.

Study Online

You can study online if you don’t want to go through the stress and potential risk of making a stranger in your travel destination your study partner.

Online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX give students access to many educational resources to improve their knowledge of subjects. You can also get your course syllabus for the semester and watch educational videos on YouTube to keep up. 

Travel During Holidays and Weekends

Tweak your schedule to travel during your weekends and breaks to avoid missing valuable lecture time. The holidays are also excellent times to travel because you will meet more tourists like you and get a bit of wiggle room to rest and study.

You can leave the school premises and go abroad, knowing you are not missing out on any school work.

Choose a Time to Unwind

You need to choose a time to rest and unwind. It’s necessary for proper learning and daily functioning. It helps you return to studying rejuvenated and ready for the next week of learning.

Use your travel time as a getaway from the pop quizzes, homework, and stress of school life. So pick a weekend, travel, and chill out. 

Participate in School Competitions

Participating in school competitions and sporting activities allows you to travel while studying. If you compete all over the country or abroad, you’ll get to see more people, witness different cultures, and taste delicious international cuisines. And the best part is that your school will ensure your sports-related trips don’t interfere with your learning process.

Educational Tourism

Whether you want to learn new languages or experiences, you can get first-hand knowledge from the locals in your travel destinations. You get excursions to landmarks with educational tourism and freely learn from people. So ask many questions and get first-hand information, which is better than textbook knowledge.

Pick a Study Time

Traveling and studying can be challenging, especially when you engage in many activities that leave you tired and stressed.

To remedy the situation, fix a time that works for you. Write out your plans for the day and estimate how long it would take you to finish up. Let’s say you finish your activities by 5 PM. You can eat, bathe, and rest, then wake up by 4 AM to study.

Volunteer for Programs

Depending on the volunteer program, you may get into one that is all-expense-paid or others that take care of your lodging and meals.

With out-of-state volunteer programs, you get to travel as a student, so you know the program’s organizers will take care of at least one item from your budget. Read the terms and conditions of your volunteer program before leaving to be sure of the expense plans.


With proper planning, you don’t need a trade-off between learning and traveling. You can still study and handle schoolwork while on the move. By following the tips in this article, you can learn to balance your schoolwork with traveling.


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