Examples of famous travel stories that amaze students and the world

Traveling around the world is one of the most enlightening experiences you could have. Going abroad, even though it is just for a few days, will leave you full of energy and good vibes. Students love traveling as it expands their horizons. You get contact with a new culture, a new cuisine, new habits, and traditions.

You simply see others’ perspectives on life, spirituality, education, and not only. And this experience can truly be enriching. Traveling is something we all need in our lives. And sometimes, we are looking for that glimpse of inspiration and motivation to pursue our dreams.

If you want to travel the world, maybe you need some travel story examples. So, here are some of the best travel stories that will show you that anything is possible. And traveling comes only with good things.
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Finding Your Soulmate

Anything can make an awesome trip. For some, it is finding out more about the local dishes and the ingredients characteristic to the traditional cuisine. For others, it is finding their soulmate in a place where they least expected to. This is the story of traveling blogger Juliette who was on a trip with her recently-married sister.

They were traveling across New Zealand and discovering the flabbergasting landscapes. As part of their trip, they were accommodated at a place that was still in construction. So, a lot of tanned and shirtless builders were there.

She made friends with one of them, asked him for recommendations and all kinds of things just to get closer to him. Four years later, they have become husband and wife and are living happy life. Traveling is about discovering things, but about finding your love too. And sometimes this happens when you least expect it.

Arrested in China

Looking back to this story ten years later makes it funny. But back then, it was not funny at all. Wendy and her husband were visiting China, especially an area where there are many Tibetan monasteries. So, they chose to visit one of them. But getting there by bus was really difficult as no one was speaking English. However, one bus finally accepted to take them but left them somewhere in the woods. A few moments later some police officers and SWAT members encircled them.

They were taken to the local police station where someone explained to them that tourists are not allowed to go to that monastery. They were freed afterward, but the experience was an interesting one, similar to a movie.

As a student, you might need to write a college essay on a given topic. And sometimes, your assignment might be to write a movie review. You can find online movie review examples to get you on the right track. Any example of film or movie review essay example will come with even more inspirational traveling stories, so do not steer away from these thought-provoking movies.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Traveling is often about stepping out of your comfort zone. You may interact with ideas that are challenging your beliefs. And sometimes, you may do things that take you out of your comfort zone. As is the case of Michaela from the Awe Inclusive blog. She spontaneously decided to go on a solo trip in Dubai as she found some cheap tickets.

Going on solo trips might be scary at the beginning. But you discover more about yourself and meet new people for sure. Which is exactly what happened to Michaela. She met Jibri, a nice girl during her trip. Even though she was not so talkative at the moment, she decided to go out of her comfort zone and start talking with her.

They exchanged numbers and met in Dubai, which made Michaela’s trip even more awesome. Going out of your comfort zone might not seem appealing, but it always comes with rewards.

Final Thoughts

Traveling comes with a lot of new experiences and discoveries. You do not only discover new places and traditions, but you also get to know yourself better. As a student, this might be one of the most enriching experiences you can partake in. and hopefully, these inspiring travel stories will amaze and urge you to plan your next trip.



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