How To Save Money On Your Next Glamping Trip

There are many available activities that nature-enthusiasts can do to get away from their everyday urban life. Camping alone comes with various styles ranging from an average camping trip to multi-night camping trudges. Now, the discovery of glamping is taking its wave throughout many families and individuals. With more convenience and more minor camping tasks, glamping is the ultimate balance of being comfortable and one with nature.

What makes people patronize glamping is the fact that their sites usually provide amenities that are pretty similar to an average hotel. With a bit of luxury and more comfort, you can relax in the middle of the forest. Whether you’re planning to go glamping in the summer, fall, or spring season, it’s best to get some pointers on how you can save on your next glamping trip. After all, expenses for your nature trip could escalate more than you’ve planned when you fail to budget early on.


Check out these pointers about how to save money on your next glamping escapade:

1. Go For Affordable Campgrounds
The key to making the best of your glamping trip is to find the best campsite. If you’re planning
to hire a campervan in Auckland, it’s vital to choose the most valuable and reasonably priced
campground if you plan to explore this area.. Most campgrounds and parks charge nightly fees to campers. They can be quite expensive if you don’t research early on. However, you can also find many free campsites to pitch your tent or park your RV for free.

Another tip to note is to go glamping on a weekday as the rates are usually down during these slow times compared to weekends and holidays. Furthermore, camping at the weekend is generally easier to get a reservation for than during the week.

It’s all a matter of researching a few choices of national parks and seeing which ones offer reasonable entrance fees. Make sure they’re safe and come with the facilities you need to ensure your glamping will be as fun as you imagined.

2. Forego The Big Tents
Camping without a tent is usually considered glamping, but you can still glamp while keeping a regular tent. Even if you decide to drive an RV and park on the campgrounds, you can still bring some tents along for your kids who want to experience nature grounds. The key is to make these portable tents extra comfortable by bringing in cushions and pillows. They can be great alternatives compared to renting out large tents at the campsite. This also allows you to save on your additional glamping expenses.

In glamping, there’s a lot of emphasis on creature comforts and aesthetic appeal. Go for tents that are easy to install and comfortable to move in. There are other ways to make your tents feel cozy, just like those you can rent in glamping sites, so forego renting and bring your own tent. This is also your plan B in case a camping trip disaster occurs.

3. Team Up To Reduce Food Costs
On a camping vacation, cooking your own meals will save you money over eating out. This alone is already cost-savings on your end. You can save even more money if you share meals and share cooking duties with others while glamping. It’s essential to prepare meal plans early on and buy cooking essentials before starting your glamping journey.

Whether you go with friends or your family, it’s best to designate tasks and cooking assignments to make meals easier. If you’re a small family, you can even share your food and split the budget with the other families that you’re going glamping with. If you prepare a meal for a group, you can make it more economical. It’s also less expensive to use less food. Don’t forget to store leftovers in sealed containers or bags.

4. Compute Your Gas Expenses Early On
No one can forecast if there will be a gas price hike soon. But to stay within your budget, it’s best to compute your gas expenses early. You’ll want to keep your gas spending in check, whether you load up your family sedan with tents and other camping gear or use an RV for hire.

While glamping this year, you can do a few things to save money on gas. If you don’t want to travel far, you can consider glamping sites that are nearer to your home base. Not only will this allow you to save more, but it’s also less tiring for you to drive the distance.

It’d also help to research your route ahead to find which way is more convenient, faster, and away from traffic highways.

To save on your gas, you can keep your car or RV parked at the campsite and go on foot or use bikes to explore other nearby places. To minimize the amount of time you spend driving, you may want to plan your sightseeing for a couple of days.

As for the gas prices, they could differ a few cents depending on the area of the gas shop. Find the one that offers the cheapest rate, and fill your tank up to the brim so it can last a long time.

Later, you can drive towards another gas shop that offers a reasonable price too. Remember to mediate your carry-on bags and luggage. Your overloaded car may need to use more gas due to its heavy weight. If you want an energy-efficient vehicle, bring less and save more.

While glamping is more expensive than camping, it isn’t difficult to save money on these vacations. In fact, it isn’t that different from the way you save money every day. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can control your spending early on and get the most out of your glamping trip.